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Nintendo DS - Super Mario 64 DS Cheats

Unlockable: Mario: Once you obtain 8 stars, enter the rec room and unlock the 8 star door. Jump into the Mario picture and defeat Goomboss to obtain the key for Mario's Room.

Unlockable: Red ! Boxes: After obtaining 14 stars, stand on the Sun carpet in the main plaza. Enter first person view mood and look up to the beam of light. In the new world, stomp on the red switch in the middle tower to unlock the red ! boxes.

Unlockable: Luigi: After unlocking the red ! boxes, go to the castle courtyard. Punch the giant boo with the cage inside of him to enter Big Boo's Haunt. Obtain the first star by defeating all the Boos to get the staircase. In the second goal, as Mario, go up the stars and into the room with the single bookshelf. Use the fire flower to float up to the room above, where you'll find a Luigi painting. Jump through the painting and defeat Big Boo to get Luigi's key.

Unlockable: Wario: After obtaining 30 stars and defeating Bowser for a 2nd time, head up to the second castle floor and enter the room where Snowman's land. On the left you'll see a Luigi painting, but its reflection in the mirror will be a Wario painting. Get the flower to turn invisible and walk through the mirror to appear on the opposite side. Jump into the Wario painting to enter the level. Defeat Chief Chilly to obtain the key for Wario's Room.

Unlockable: Mini-Games: Here are the locations of the hidden rabbits that unlock mini-games. You must find the rabbit with the specified character.

Lucky Stars mini-game: Near entrance to Bob-omb Battlefield with Luigi.
Mario Slot mini-game: In the secret room with the Mario painting with Luigi
Memory Master mini-game: Near entrance to Wet Dry World with Luigi.
Mushroom Roulette mini-game: In area near the columns that drain the moat with Luigi.
Pair-a-Gone mini-game: In the hedge maze with Luigi.
Picture Poker mini-game: In the courtyard over the entrance with Luigi.
Super Mario Slot mini-game: On top of the Castle with Luigi. Must have 150 stars.
Bounce and trounce mini-game: Near the entrance to Lethal Lava Land with Mario.
Connect the characters mini-game: Near the entrance to Lethal Lava Land with Mario.
Shell Smash mini-game: In the moat after it is drained with Mario
Shuffle Shell mini-game: Near the entrance to Snowman's Land with Mario.
Sort or 'Splode mini-game: Near the ledge over the waterfall with Mario.
Trampoline Terror mini-game: Near the entrance to Wet Dry World with Mario.
Trampoline Time mini-game: Near the entrance to Jolly Roger Bay with Mario.
Giant Snowball Slalom mini-game: In the alcove across from Rainbow Ride with Wario.
Bingo Ball mini-game: On the right side of the castle when facing it with Wario. (Near the trees)
Coincentration mini-game: Near the entrance to Whomp's Fortress with Wario.
Intense Coincentration mini-game: Near the entrance to Tick-Tock Clock with Wario.
Lakitu Launch mini-game: Near the entrance to Tiny-Huge Island with Wario.
Psyche Out mini-game: In a corridor near Lethal Lava Land with Wario.
Slots Shot mini-game: In the courtyard behind the fountain with Wario.
Boom Box mini-game: Near the main bridge with Yoshi
Hide and Boo Seek mini-game: Outside near the main bridge with Yoshi.
Mix-a-Mug mini-game: Near entrance to Lethal Lava Land with Yoshi.
Puzzle panel mini-game: Outside of the main bridge with Yoshi.
Puzzle Panic mini-game: In the moat after it is drained with Yoshi.
Tox Box Shuffle mini-game: Outside in a flower patch near the wooden bridge with Yoshi.
Which Wiggler mini-game: Outside in the hedge maze with Yoshi.

Unlock Courtyard Cannon: After you collect all 150 stars, head outside to the courtyard near the lake. (not the moat under the castle) You'll find that the cage to a cannon is gone, so you can use it to blast on the roof collect 3 1UP mushrooms, and a Power Flower. (this is also the only way to unlock one of Luigi's minigames) Also, if you head back to Cool, Cool Mountain and choose "Big Penquin Race" or anything past that for your mission, you'll find that the penquin is now really fat and harder to race.

Hint: Health Recovery: When damaged, find a body of water and swim under. After, simply swim back up to your characters head is out on the surface. Your health should replenish.

Hint: No Hat, No Service: Have you ever wondered what the game would be like without a hat? Go to the Tall, Tall Mountain level and find the monkey after the super Bomb-omb. Grab it and it will steal your hat. Then exit the level. Now if you play as that character they will have no hat even if you restart. After this, wait until the Toad right inside has your hat. He will give you the hat and a star. Yoshi can't experience this but if you find a small crate eat it and you will get a square egg. If you hit a question block with no hat it can get pretty ugly.

Hint: Course 6, Navigating the Toxic Maze: This maze always gets the better of me no matter how many times I try it. To get the star without having to navigate the maze is simple. Enter this level as Luigi and head down towards the sea monster section. You will have to take a lift to get down to him. Before you step on the lift have a look around and you will see the star through a mesh fence. Now you can see the star hop on the lift and head downwards. At the bottom you will see a power flower box. Burst it open and quickly hop back on the lift. At the top you will have plenty of time to get off it and walk through the fence and grab the power star, simple!

Hint: Rabbits: Having trouble finding the bunnies for the rec room? Their locations are as follows, but be sure to talk to the rec room toad with the characters before looking for the bunnies.

Yoshi's bunnies: -outside of the castle right at the end of the bridge. -outside of the castle left of the bridge-outside of the castle right of the bridge-outside the castle in the patch of flowers to the right -outside the castle at the bottom of the drained moat -outside of the castle around the maze of hedges -in the hall to lethal lava land

Mario's rabbits: -outside of the castle left of the bridge-bottom of the drained moat-room of Jolly Roger bay-hall to lethal lava land-hall to lethal lava land (there's 2) -top of the stairs on the 2'nd floor-large mirror room on 2nd floor

Luigi's rabbits: -outside the castle near the maze of hedges-entrance to bob-omb battle field-courtyard of castle. Jump on the brown ledge then double jump again-where you drain water from the moat -out of the doorway on 2nd floor -room with the Mario painting -Outside of castle with cannon. You need 150 stars and shoot to the top of the castle holding the final bunny)

Wario rabbits: -outside the castle to the far right-room to whomp's fortress-in the basement near toad-in the courtyard with boos-Second floor of castle in the entrance to tiny-huge island -third floor of castle near tick-tock clock -third floor of the castle in the opposite alcove of rainbow ride Finding these bunnies will unlock mini games. Once they are all found, search for the glowing rabbits which will lead you to the white room.

Hint: Extra Bonuses on Slots Shot Mini-Game: Right when you run out of balls on slots shot (mini-game) keep on pushing down on the trigger in the touch screen and it will keep on giving you bonus chances on the slots.

Glitch: Fall Through Water: Go to Wet-dry world and make the water level as low as it can go but still submerging little part of the gray ramp. Go under the gray ramp and right where the bottom of the ramp comes out of the water. Make your character jump up and hit the bottom of the gray ramp. This will cause your charater to fall through the bottom of the water.

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