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Sega Dreamcast - Dead or Alive 2 Cheats

To achieve the results below enter the following code: 

Clean pause screen: Press X + Y after pausing the game for a clear pause screen.

Control Camera During Victory Pose: While your character is doing their victory pose, press and hold the B button and use either control pad to rotate the camera around them.

Hidden wallpapers: Put the DOA2 disc into your CD-ROM drive on your computer to find wallpaper images in the Bonus directory.

Secret Arena: Finish the game on very hard level with each of the 12 characters to unlock a secret arena.

Play in Aeriel Garden at Night: First enable the level select for versus mode. Now highlight Aerial Garden and press Y or R.

Taunt opponent: Use the following combos to taunt your opponent. Press Left, Right, Left, R Press Right, Left, Right, R Press Back, Back, R Note: You can also substitute A + X + Y in place of R in the taunts.

Hidden Ayane FMV sequence: Select Ayane and play through story mode until you fight Kasumi in the White Storm level. Knock her off the ledge into the ice cave. When you are in the cave, finish the fight. When you KO her you have to knock her at least ten feet away. The FMV sequence shows you shooting a blue smoke object at her instead of the normal sequence of you saying, "You Runaway Shiobi".

Note: Some practice may be required to get the correct ending to the fight.

Kasumi's extra costume: Select story mode and select Kasumi in her third (pink) costume. Play through the game until you face against yourself. The normally pink costume that CPU player appears in will now be black.

Note: You can not play in the black costume - it is only available for the CPU Kasumi. Increased jubbling: Go to the options menu, and choose the game setting that allows you to set your age between 13 and 99. Increase your age to see more jubbling.

Ayane's Fireball FMV: An alternate way to view Ayane's Fireball FMV is to score a perfect against Kasumi. (You do not have to knock her off the ledge as part of this).

Original opening: Use the following steps to unlock the original opening sequence for the game, which features a naked clone of Kasumi. Set your age to "21" in the game options. Then, make a ranking in Survival mode in any position and enter REALDEMO as a name. Once you have saved the game with the new ranking, you can set the age to any desired value.

Easy way to get Ayane FMV: When on story mode fight Kasumi and knock her as far as you can then quickly back up at the end of the match (It doesn't matter if you are in a cave or not).

Alternate costumes: Highlight any fighter at the character selection screen in any mode. You can view how may costumes your character can have to the side. If your character us in the first row, press Analogue-stick Up to select the costume. For the second row, press Analog-stick Down . Some characters may have two, three, or four costumes. The costumes can be enabled in any mode.

Additional costumes: Every character has at least 3 costumes, some as many as 6. To get the extra costumes, complete the story mode with the character (you'll get one costume each time). This might only work on the 'Very Hard' difficulty level.

Just Another Taunt: You can also taunt by pressing Down, Down R also when Bass is fighting Tina he will taunt something else.

Tina: Back, Forward, Back + Free + Punch + Kick Down, Down + Free + Punch + Kick Bass Back, Forward, Back + Free + Punch + Kick Down, Down + Free + Punch + Kick

Gen-Fu: Back, Forward, Back + Free + Punch + Kick Down, Down + Free + Punch + Kick (In costume 2, takes off hat)

Lei Fang: Forward, Back, Forward + Free + Punch + Kick Back, Forward, Back + Free + Punch + Kick Down, Down + Free + Punch + Kick Back, Back + Free + Punch + Kick

Kasumi: Back, Forward, Back + Free + Punch + Kick Ein Back, Forward, Back + Free + Punch + Kick Down, Down, Back + Free + Punch + Kick

Leon: Back, Forward, Back + Free + Punch + Kick Ayane Back, Forward, Back + Free + Punch + Kick Down, Down, Back + Free + Punch + Kick

Zack: Back, Forward, Back + Free + Punch + Kick Down, Down + Free + Punch + Kick (in shiny outift, light on top of head turns on)

Helena: Back, Forward, Back + Free + Punch + Kick

Ryu Hayabusa: Back, Forward, Back + Free + Punch + Kick Forward, Back, Forward + Free +Punch + Kick Down, Down + Free + Punch + Kick

Jan Lee: Back, Forward, Back + Free + Punch + Kick

GameShark Codes:

Infinite Health P1: 26F76D270000012C
No Health P1: 26F76D2700000000
Low Health P1: 26F76D2700000001

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