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Sega Dreamcast - Evolution Cheats

To aachieve the results below enter the following code:

Extra Costumes: At the character select screen press X.

Skip Dialogue: Before a move is made in a battle press B. Perform Double Attack. Attack a enemy from behind for a double attack.

More Damage: In battle mode, you can inflict double damage with normal attacks by hitting the A button just before your weapon makes contact withy our enemy.

You know it has worked when sparks fly in all directions. You have to time it just right and practice like everything makes perfect. Easy way of getting out of confusion without getting attacked. On the controller hold down the right or left back buttons to get out of confusion and press up on the d-pad or stick.

The Mechaphage: Have you ever noticed the grey phage's, that teleport when you get close to them. Well if you have a Chamleon Color you can fight it, and if you beat it before it escapes then you get 3367 per phage. sometimes you get two or three phage's at the same time.

Easy level Gain: First you find a monster and make sure he does not see you, so he starts moving around. when he has his back to you run up behind him, you will know if this has worked if you hear music that sounds different from when you normally fight. It will say you have the initiative. So that means you get to attack the enemies with your guys first. To get special items that can't be found in chests fight these enemies they give items that can be processed into other items.

NOTE: they don't give them all the time.

Millipede: you will get from him the millipedes carapace, it can be processed into the shell frying pan

The phage: Sometimes will give you the phage's nucleus, this can be processed into crystal core, it refills your health by 5% every time you use a standard attack.

The hyenodon: gives you the hyenodons tooth. This can be processed into fang powder, it increases your attack by 5 permanently.

The speckler and archaeaopterynx: also give you special items. Just fight them and see what they give you.

Get A +72 Attack Booster: Pay your debt to Nina and she will give you a +72 attack booster.

Unlimited Naolin Gold: When on the carrier near the end of the game go in the door with the first aid symbol and look in the medicine cabinet and you'll find a Naolin Gold. You can repeat this as often as you need.

Fighting Temandasks: When you come accross Temandasks the first boss, you should be around level 10 or 11 to make it a fair fight. Use Linear to heal your party, instead of waiting to use health items.

Use the Triple Punch/Uppercut of the Magna combo found in Mag's Hand Parts to do some serious HP damage to the boss. If you have Chain in your party, use her Dash Tackle. The boss will eventually shrink and run off, thus saving the day.

Fighting Rafflesian: This boss sucks the air in order to draw your party nearer and nearer., until you are in her range. Once you are within swiping distance, she will reach out and gobble you, then spit you out doing about 250 hit points of damage.

This double the damage her swinging-plant-arms can do. Beware of Rafflesian's Pollen attack, which does about 60 Hp of damage all around. You should be at about level 27 when taking this boss on.

Use Gre if he is your party and utillise his Spirited Peak Attack, while Linear uses items such as Fire and Electric Balls, Mag should use the Magna Rave until his FP gets low, then switch to Magna Punches. Also remember the Linear from the first boss use that as well.

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