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Sega Dreamcast - Fur Fighters Cheats

To achieve the results below enter the following cheats: 

Hidden Artwork:  Put the Dreamcast GD Rom into a pc cd rom drive and find the omake folder, open this folder for artwork you can use on desktop.

Thin Mode: Complete the Maze in Temple of Gloom to get very thin characters.

High Scores: Collect all 100 tokens in any level. Enter the level again and collect the large stopwatch, then race to the finish. If you are quick enough, you will be allowed to make an entry on the high score screen.

Unlock Rotation Camera: Beat the Block Puzzle in 60 seconds or less. Then plug in a second controller. Hitting the Y button will rotate the camera around your character.

Unlock Rocket Camera: Beat the Snake Classic Puzzle with a minimum of 5,000 points.

Shrunken Characters: Beat the Balloon Lift Puzzle with a minimum of 10,000 points.

Change Game Voice: Beat the Bear Attack Puzzle with a minimum of 10,000 points.

Fish-Eye Distortion: Beat the Super Snake Puzzle with a minimum of 10,000 points.

Big Head Mode: Beat the Bomber Bear Puzzle with a minimum of 30,000 points.

Fur Fighters Codes: These codes require a gameshark plugin to work.

Infinite Rocket Ammo for Dino Upstairs: 8E1BA7050000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo for Dino Upstairs: A5037B940000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo for Dino Upstairs: DB10A9DA0000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo for Dino Upstairs: DB28A9DA0000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo for Rumpus Room: D698B6440000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo for Rumpus Room: 1E5C230A0000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo for Rumpus Room: 1E64230A0000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo for Rumpus Room: 46A22A520000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo for Rumpus Room: 6A8B5EDA0000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo for Rumpus Room: 96B03F6C0000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo for Rumpus Room: 7085E6990000270F

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