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Sega Dreamcast - Grandia 2 Cheats

To achieve the results below enter the following code: 

Different Items: Complete the game once, then play the game through again, and new items should appear in different locations.

Alternate Game: Beat the game once, then play again. New items will appear in various locations.

Buy Special Coin and Magic Coin: You must first have about 10'000gold to buy this. This can be found at the guys before last battle. He sold 1000Special Coin/Magic Coin for 10'000gold each. This is too great.

Good Things Before Last-Battle: After you get the Granasaber don't get into the light yet. Go down and talk to everybody. One of them is selling item like a General Store but the items is more good than before.

Now you can buy Silver Feather (it use to increase you IP, so you can attack more often) and some many things plus he have an item that can plus 10 to your maximum HP, MP, SP and more, but the price is good too 10'000 gold per item.

How Do I Get My Guy Back: Press start Go to Items at the beginning of the screen you'll see Yomi's Elaxar and put it to any character and it retrieve him.

Ryudo Ultimate Weapon: Ryudo ultimate weapon is Granasaber, you will get this after you answer all Valmar's question. When he ask you just choose the second option until it finished. But you will turn to Valmar anyway but then you will back to normal with Granasaber equipped.

Twice Combo: You can this item after defeating Melfice second battle called Soul of Asura which let you do Combo 4 times in battle. Equipped this along with Warp Shoes to Ryudo or your hard hitter and the normal battle can be more easy.

Tenseiken Slash in 1 Second: To do this just level up Ryudo's Tenseiken Slash to MAX and he can use his Tenseiken within 1 second, so this can cancel enemys attack. You can also use all character first move in 1 second if you level them up to MAX (Tio is the best cause she can cancel many enemies in 1 Lutus Flower).

Plus Your HP: You have 3 ways to do this. First is to gain many experience, so when you level up your HP will increase. Second way is to use Skill Book 'Life Up' ability. To do this you must first level it up to MAX so it can increase your HP to 800HP to your maximum HP.

Third way is to buy an item from the guys before last battle, but this only plus 10. Get Back Special Coin Use by Mareg After He Died: After Mareg died at Valmar's Moon, you will received an item called Missangna. This will give you back all Special Coin use by Mareg to you.

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