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Sega Dreamcast - House of the Dead 2 Cheats

To achieve the results below enter the following code: 

Red Blood: Complete the game in Original Mode. This will unlock Red Blood on the Options Menu.

Score Display: When the words Press Start appear on the Title Screen, using your D-pad and press: Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Right, Start.

Get All Items: In Original Mode Score 5-star marks in each Training Mission to complete Training Mode.

Unlock Emperor And Fight All Bosses Mode: Beat and get a ranking with all bosses in Boss Mode.

Unlimited Credits: In Original Mode Score 5-star marks for each boss (including Fight All Bosses Mode) in Boss Mode.

Lucky Cat: If you shoot a cat, it will lead you to a bonus item.

Access Bonus Rooms: Get to the end of the game without killing any hostages or allowing any hostages to be killed.

Napalm gun: Kill the first three zombies in level 1 with perfect head shots. Unlimited super ammunition: Beat training mode with a five red star rating on each stage.

Faster Firing: Press A + B together for faster firing action.

Get Goldman Costume: After finishing the game in original mode the next time you play the costume will be in the trunk of the car in the next original mode game.

Get Death Bullet: All you need is 2.0 bullet. There is one door behind fish attacking at third chapter, if you shoot the door with 2.0 bullet, you'll get the Death Bullet!

Bonus Cats & Mice: If you shoot the cats and mice that appear on the screen, they will lead you to bonus places!

All options: On the title screen press L, L, L, R, R, R, L, R, R, L, L, L, R, R, L, L, R, R, R, L, R, R, L, L, R and start Free Play (US version): To access the Free Play in the Options menu, beat the Boss mode with all stars. Free Play will be available in the continuing settings.

Unlimited continues in Original mode: Successfully complete Training mode with all five red stars; then, successfully complete Boss mode with all five red stars; and finally, get two stars in Fight All Bosses mode. The "Continue" option may now be changed to "Free Play."

Note: In the Japanese version of the game, you only need to successfully complete the game in Training and Boss modes.

Hints: Sometimes not saving civilians leads to more interesting routes. As with most gun games, the actual enemy waves don't really vary here, so memorizing the lay of the game is the key to success.

Shoot all barrels, vases, and crates you see; they'll often reveal valuable rewards. When playing with a friend, it generally helps if each player takes one side of the screen until it comes time to fight bosses. That way, you cover all ground.

Play as Gary: Use a controller in port B to play as Gary instead of James in single player mode. Original Sin level items: Begin game play in the "Sin" level in original mode. Start aiming for the lower right corner just before entering the elevator. There is a bullet power-up or a death bullet power-up at that location.

Muddy level items: Begin game play in the "Muddy" level in original mode. Save the fat man that is under attack that comes into view right after turning a corner. He will give you a +10 credit.

Note: This is same the man that says "What is this city coming to?" when the game is played in arcade mode.

First level items: Get to the point in the first level in original mode, where the boy runs out the door with the Johnnys chasing him. After that, there are Davids that jump down from the bridge.

Use a grenade (only) to blow open the door behind the David to the left. A grandmother will come out and give you a Bullet Blow, Grenade and other items (depending on how many times original mode has been completed).

Advance to Magician: Play to the point in the "Muddy" level in original mode where the key is laying next to the dead man. Shoot the key, and get to the point where the boy asks you to save his father. Do not open the lock to proceed through the other door on the opposite side. Shoot the black phone on the couch to advance directly to the Magician.

Extra items: Start a game in original mode with 1.2 bullets and play to point the "Muddy" level where zombies climbing the blue van are encountered. After walking up the stairs, a zombie jumps down from atop the buildings.

Then, two other zombies that throw knives will appear. There is a door directly behind them. Shoot it until it opens. A man will give you a many different items each time that it is opened.

Bonus room: Successfully complete the game in original mode without losing any civilians and with a score of at least 1000,000 points to reach a bonus room full of items at the end of the game.

Secret Passage: At the beginning of chapter 2 when the car drives in, do not shoot at it and when it crashes it will reveal a secret path.

Unlimited continues (Japanese version): Beat the game in training and boss modes.

Bonus room (Japanese version): Beat the game without losing any hostages.

Training mode and boss mode (Japanese version): Beat the game in original mode to unlock training and boss modes.

All Items (Japanese version): To have all items in the original mode, beat the training mode with 5 red star difficulty on each training stage.

Display Score (Japanese version): On the title screen press Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Right, Start.

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