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Sega Dreamcast - Grand Theft Auto 2 Cheats

To achieve the following results enter the code below:

Enter these codes as your name: 

Maximum respect for all gangs: ALLFREND
Maximum wanted level: BADBOYZ
Unlimited electro gun: BIGFRIES
All weapons: BIGGUNS
99 lives: BIGCATS
5x multiplier: BOYAKASH
Unlimited doubledamage powerup: DBLWAMMY
Elvis pedestrians: ERRHUH
Unlimited energy: INFINITY
No police: LAWLESS
Have some weapons after loosing life: LOSTTOYS
500,000: MUCHCASH
All levels: SESAME
Unlimited invisibility powerup: SCOOBYDO
Unlimited flame thrower: TOASTIES
$10 million: ULTIMATE
Gore mode: WOUNDED

Hints: When you go to the phones to see how the gangs "Work", see who you have to kill to earn their respect. Go to the gang's rival and kill as many of them as possible. Look at the respect-o-meter for the gang your working for. It should be full with the plus sign blinking.

Then get into as much trouble as you want with the police. When they come after you go to your employer’s territory. The guys with guns will shoot at the cops, swat team, special agents, or even the military!

Note: This works great when you’re facing large groups of cops!

Free Money For Driving: Highjack a taxi cab and park on the side of the road near a crowded side walk then some one will get in the taxi then you will get free money just for driving.

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