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Sega Dreamcast - Hidden and Dangerous Cheats

To achieve the results below enter the following code: 

At any menu: type iamcheater or iwillcheat. You may need to enter it twice. You'll hear a sound to confirm.

Enter the following at any menu or during play:

All weapons, ammo and items: allloot
God mode: cantdie
Wire frame mode: debugdrawwire
Front view of enemy: enemyf
Back view of enemy: enemyb
Big head mode: funnyhead
Win current mission: gamedone
Lose current mission: gamefail
Full health: goodhealth
Kill all enemies: killthemall
Different uniforms: laracroft
Opens all doors: openalldoor
Show coordinates in top left corner: playercoords
Come back as a zombie after dying: resurrect
See ending sequence: showtheend
Take no damage: nohits
Restore censored version to full: bluestars

*You need the Dreamcast keyboard in order for these codes to work.

*These codes also work for the expansion pack Devil's Bridge, but do not work with a patched version of any H&D games.


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