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Sega Dreamcast - Illbleed Cheats

To achieve the results below enter the following cheats: 

Mini-game: At the main menu, highlight the "Options" selection and press A + X to start a mini-game. Multiple endings There are a total of three ending in the game.

The First is that you save all friends, the second for saving just one friend, and a third for saving no friends. Eriko in her underwear Start a game and do not rescue anyone. Eriko will lose more clothing with each lost friend. By the time you reach Level 6, Eriko should be in nothing but her underwear.

Best ending: Successfully complete the game after saving all your friends. Worst ending: Successfully complete the game after saving none your friends.

Hidden Boss battle: Successfully complete the game, then play through again. Do not save any of your friends during the second game to eventually fight Michael Reynolds.

Nude Eriko When going through Story Mode and playing as Eriko, do not rescue ANY of your friends and every time one dies something will get ripped or torn until she is 98% nude, but it is censored a bit from the JP version.

Note: The game must have beaten at least once for this to work.

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