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Sega Dreamcast - Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage Cheats

To achieve the results below enter the folowing code: 

Replay game: When you have successfully completed the game, save it. Then load the saved game to begin again with the same AP and agents, all except Mondstein.

Look at the hidden artwork: Insert the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find the images from the game in the "Presents" folder.

GameShark Codes:

Max HP 1st Character Slot: 398167B200000063
Max HP 2nd Character Slot: FBC9D57300000063
Max HP 3rd Character Slot: EFD75B6100000063
Max HP 4th Character Slot: A073126500000063
Max SP 1st Character Slot: 649B28B400000063
Max SP 2nd Character Slot: 5DD734A200000063
Max SP 3rd Character Slot: 309167B200000063
Max SP 4th Character Slot: F0B9D57200000063
Infinite HP 1st Character Slot: 104C556400000063
Infinite HP 2nd Character Slot: EB5F5B6100000063
Infinite HP 3rd Character Slot: CE53A40D00000063
Infinite HP 4th Character Slot: A04B126500000063
Infinite SP 1st Character Slot: 64A328B400000063
Infinite SP 2nd Character Slot: 341967B200000063
Infinite SP 3rd Character Slot: 2F7F20B000000063
Infinite SP 4th Character Character Slot: DE60C02B00000063
Infinite AP: 687B288A0000270F
Infinite Countdown Time: AB20525AC07034A1, AB23925A00002328
Low Mission Time: 5DE7749C00000000

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