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Sega Dreamcast - Marvel vs Capcom 2: A New Age of Heroes Cheats

To achieve the results below enter the following code: 

Character Picking: To make one of your 3 selected characters appear first during a match press and hold L at the versus screen for the 2nd character or hold R for the 3rd character.

New Costumes: After highlighting a character on the character select screen press Y or A.

Get points without playing: Go to training mode and select your characters. Instead of fighting, leave your dreamcast on overnight. Eventually, the points will start going higher and higher after a few minutes.

Defeating Abyss: Use Cable to fight Abyss. In his first form, block his attacks and then press Y to shoot. Repeat until he dies. In his second form, keep away from him and press Y to shoot. Repeat till he dies. For his last form, use Cable's Hyper Viper. It takes off 90-95% of his life since you can do a 115-130 hit combo on him. Then finish him off with any attacks of your choice.

Cheaper hidden characters: Exit and enter the shop screen several times and eventually the price of the hidden characters will be lower.

Same character selection: To select the same character three times in arcade mode you must unlock everything in the shop and get your experience up to level 99.

Take away life easily!: Complete the game two times and get B.B. Hood and Juggernaught. Then pick these two and Cyclops. For assist types, "Ground" for Juggernaught, "Variety" for B.B. Hood, and "Projectile" for Cyclops. Build you hyper combo bar to at least three, and then do a team super. (do this if you start to lose).

If all of them connect, Cyclops should do a "Mega Optic Blast", Juggernaught should do a "Head Crush" and B.B. Hood should do "Cool Hunting". It will take away 75%+ of the opponent's life bar and will result in a 45+ hit. This is a Super Team !

168 Hit Combo: Pick Cable, War Machine and then Iron man, while building up a level 3 hyper combo bar. Do the ultimate combo, and if the opponent is in the correct place in the stage, and not trying to block, it is possible to get a 168 hit combo EVERY single time you try!

Easy Win: For an easy and to get some quick points/cash, choose sentinel for your first character, then any other 2. When matches start immediately begin to use the following combo, rocket punch (forward one) and his mouth beam. Keep repeating this until the enemy is dead.

This is great because his mouth beam overpowers any other blast in the game, and sentinel can take a lot of damage. Also against small characters like server-bot, use a crouching mouth beam followed by his triple crouching leg extension.

Don't use his hyper combos either, they'll completely mess up the process. Since you were hardly or never hit u get lots of points!

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