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Sega Dreamcast - NFL 2K Cheats

Enter the following at the Code Entry screen: All codes are case sensitive.

Unlock 'Slomo' game speed: DEDMAN
Fat Players: LARD
Alternate text: SCRAWL
High voice commentary: SQUEEKY
Enable All-Sega team: SUPERSTARS
Unlocks 'Turbo' game speed: TURBO
Super player: ENERGYBURN

More player creation points: Drop all creation points down to zero. Now move them back up to get one extra creation point in each area.

2nd player time-outs: In two player mode the system will not let the 2nd player call a time out with the D-PAD. In order to call a time-out you must use the analog stick on the controller. After the analog is used once in a game you will be able to call a time out using the D-PAD.

Extra Attribute Points: When creating a player, at the attributes screen take all of your points down to zero. Now put them back how you would like them. If done properly you should have 10-11 extra points. (Note: If you put your points up to 100 you will lose 2 points.)

Helpful Kicking: If you’re stuck on the 35 yard line and don't think you can make the field goal press B to change players and the computer kicks for you. Very effective on the onside kick In one game I tried onside for every kick off recovered 4 out of 5.

Onside Kick Recovery: When kicking off, point the arrow all the way low to the ground and in the direction of the opposing player that is directly in front of the kicker. Kick the ball straight and a little more than 3/4 the way up the power meter...This will enable you to recover 50% or more of the time...

Longer Kick-Off Returns: Select onside return from the playbook. When kicker raises his hand, wait 2 seconds and press Y and then B. Return right for extra yards. This is not a code but I thought it might help someone out.

Timeout: If playing with more than one player, players 2 -4 have trouble making their own selections such as picking teams or calling timeout. To fix this problem move with joystick first and press A after that you can use either pad or joystick.

A.I. pick your play: To have the system pick your best play you can do, press A 2 times at the play selection screen.

NOTE: It will show you what it is selecting by highlighting the play greyish. This works for both defense and offense.

Auto-defense play selection: Press A(2) when on defense to have the CPU pick the best play to stop your opponent.

Fake play selection: Use the following trick to select a play without revealing it another player. Hold A to select a play. Continue to hold that button and search for a fake play. To get a different formation, continue to hold A and press B. You may also release A and change formations.

Extra player creation points: Bring the creation points all the way down to zero, then move them back up. You should receive one extra creation point for every area, which can result in ten to eleven extra points overall.

Player creation glitch: Create a wide receiver with full arm scale and leg scale. Press Start to display the attributes page. Under "Receiver Type", select "Speed Receiver" and set the following to get a strange object at the top: 100 80 90 78 72 72 90 90

Sack the Q.B. Every Time: In the options screen, disable penalties for offsides and neutral zone infraction, then start your game as normal. Now, when your on defense, you can line your defensive player up RIGHT BESIDE the quarter back! Guaranteed sack every time.

Receive field goal as touchdown: When the other team is kicking a long field goal that you think that they cannot make pick punt return play and if it falls shot catch it and run it for a touch down the offence line will not come after you because they think there on offence.

Auto-offense play selection: Press A, A after your opponent picks their defensive play to have the CPU choose the most effective play Quieter crowd: Press X while on offense before hiking the ball.

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