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Sega Dreamcast - Quake III Arena Cheats

Cheat mode: Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock a maze mini-game on the VMU. Successfully complete the mazemini game to unlock a cheat on the cheat menu.

To access the cheat menu, pause the game and choose the "Settings" selection, then scroll down past the "Internet" selection and choose the "Cheats" selection. Depending on what difficulty the game was completed on will depend on what cheat was unlocked. Complete the game on different difficulty settings to unlock different cheats.

Hidden Music: To play some hidden Quake 3 music turn on the Dreamcast without a CD in or with the lid open. At the Menu choose the music option, then insert the Quake 3 disk (if you haven't already) and close the lid. An image of the disk will appear and tracks four through nineteen will play music from the game.

Inf. Time (1 Player): B8A630DD000003E7
Inf. Machinegun Ammo (1 Player): 4FAA16B100000063
Inf. Shotgun Ammo (1 Player): 9FB8038F00000063
Inf. Rocket Launcher Ammo (1 Player): D8588AA700000063
Inf. Plasma Gun Ammo (1 Player): A61358E900000063
Max Accuracy (1 Player): 2FD77131000000C8
Max Impressive (1 Player): 59A76523000000C8
Max Excellent (1 Player): AF6343E5000000C8
Max Gauntlet (1 Player): EF270AE0000000C8
Max Frags (1 Player): 411A0DBD000000C8
Max Perfect (1 Player): 76E5C176000000C8

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