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Sega Dreamcast - Ready 2 Rumble Cheats

To achieve the results below enter the following code:

Enter the following as a Gym Name in Championship mode:

Enable Gold Class Boxers & Nat Daddy: MOSMA!
Enable Champion Class Boxers & Damien Black: POD_5!
Enable Bronze Class Boxers & Kemo Claw: RUMBLE_POWER
Enable Silver Class Boxers & Bruce Blade: RUMBLE_BUMBLE

Enter these codes at the Character selection screen:

Leprechaun cornerman: Press X + L + R.
Alternate cornerman voices: Hold X and press the D-pad.
Alternate costumes: Press X + Y
Get Full Pause Screen: After pausing press X + Y

Alternate backgrounds:

Skeleton crowd: Set the system date to October 31
Christmas trees: Set the system date to December 25
Hidden pictures: Put the disc in your PC CD-ROM to find images in the Extra directory
Taunt opponent: Hold X + A or Y + B during a match.

Magic Punch for AFRO players:

To activate: LEFT, LEFT + Y
To use: RIGHT + Y

Jimmy Blood Combo: When you get enough power hits to get the rumble mode, hold onto forward and repeatidly press A, B, A, B....

Second Intros: Each boxer has two diferent intros, but you only ever see the first one. If you highlight a character on the 1 player or 2 player arcade charcter selection screen and then press X + Y and then select him/her, he/she will perform her second intro at the introducyion. This cheat also changes the boxers clothes.

Hidden Music: Insert the game disc into a CD Player to find 3 hidden tracks

Cheap Training: You can get cheaper training in championship mode actually the price of the next most expensive training below it) For example you pay 10000(vitamin price) for the 25000 Rumble Mass Regime. Just bring the screen to vitamin or the training below the one that you want) and then press right on the control pad or stick to bring it to the next training, but, while the screen is changing press A.

You will get the training you want at the cheaper training price. This trick also works in reverse. Put the cursor on the cheapest training (Rumble Aerobics) then push left (To highlight Rumble Mass) While the cursor is scrolling hit A.

You'll get Rumble Mass, a $25000 value, for the low low price of only $500! You can pump your guys up quickly and cheaply using this method. Once your strength is up to 100%, you're almost invincible and you can easily whoop anyone!

Mega Punch: When fighting hold backwards and then press y and it will do a mega punch (it works good with Butcher Brown or the Russian man)

Mega Combo: When you get your RUMBLE go near your opponent hit A&B together.

Fight in the two-tier arena: Select two player arcade mode, then hold L when selecting a boxer at the character selection screen.

Fight in the championship arena: Select two player arcade mode, then hold R when selecting a boxer at the character selection screen.

Fight in the gym: Select two player arcade mode, then hold L + R when selecting a boxer at the character selection screen.

Fight in the outdoor ring: Select two player arcade mode, then hold X + L + R when selecting a boxer at the character selection screen.

Cheap vitamins: Choose to train your boxer In championship mode. Once in the menu, go to aerobics, press Left and immediately press A. If done correctly, you will have just purchased a $25,000 vitamin bottle for $500. You can do this with any of the training material, the vitamin bottle will save the most money.

Daimen Black's Ultra Punch Combo: You need to practice this move a little first before actually trying it. First off, go to 2 player mode and pick Damien Black as your P1 fighter and Kemo Claw or Nat Daddy or anyone as tall as Damien for your P2 fighter. Now, very very quickly press Right, Right, X.

You should hear Damien roar and he'll be running at the opponent violently flailing his arms at the other player. He throws about 5 to 6 hard, strong punches and if all the punches successfully connect, you should get R-U-M-B-L. It can help you out big time in other modes as well if you master it!

Enter these codes when selecting a boxer at the Character selection screen in Two player arcade mode:

Fight in the two-tier arena: Hold L. Fight in the championship arena: Hold R. Fight in the gym: Hold L + R.
Fight in the outdoor ring: Hold X + L + R.

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