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Sega Dreamcast - Sega GT Cheats

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Extra money: This is a way to get extra money in the game. You need 2 vmu's. Start a game, or use one already started, load it up, save it on both vmu's. Go into car trade, and send the cars from vmu #2 to vmu #1. Load vmu #1 and repeat.

You can keep sending the same cars over again, or buy a good one, say the viper, and start sending it. You can sell each car for half of it's original value, sell the viper for a quick 80k. If you do this right you can end up with quite a few vipers and make enough money to load out any car you want.

Fixing perpetual oversteer: If your car is oversteering too easy, or jumps into the sidewalls even without you touching the controls, then this simple modification will help you out.

Set your rear tires to soft tires, and your front tires to medium tires. This along with proper suspension tweaks will help keep your car on track.

WSK Races: Successfully complete each of the official races and event races to unlock the first ending sequence and WSK Races. The WSK Races are the Front Drive Car Cup, Rear Drive Car Cup and 4 Wheel Drive Car Cup.

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