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PC - Kings Quest 2 Cheats

Travel to Grandmother's house and in the mailbox there will be a basket of goodies which you must collect. Then you must collect the clam shell and the bracelet, as well as the trident which you will find at the beach.

After collecting all these items wander around until little Red Riding hood appears, give her the basket of goodies which you collected from the mailbox and in return she will kindly give you her bunch of flowers.

In order to understand what you must do next go to the door and read the inscription.

Go to the rock couch shaped rock and there you will find a mermaid, give her the flowers.

Ride upon the seahorse and when you meet Neptune, give him the trident. Pick up the bottle containing the cloth. Then you must open the clam shell which is near by to reveal the key you must use to unlock the inscribed door.

After returning to shore go to Hagatha's cave, (ensure you stay close to the wall to avoid her) then go to the cage and taking the cloth from within the bottle use it to cover the bird cage. You can then take the cage without being noticed.

From beside the tree near the beach collect the stake, also take the necklace from inside the log and the mallet from within the hole in the tree.

Go back to the door, use the key to unlock it and then read the inscription on the door which is inside the other.

To be able to collect the second key to the door you must be blessed by the fairy, then travel to the church, kneel and pray and when the priest asks you a question say "Graham" as your response, he will give you a cross.

After receiving the cross travel to the antique shop and give the old lady inside the shop the cage. She will give you a magic lamp in return for the cage's return.

Leave the shop and rub the lamp, a genie will appear and give you a magic carpet. Rub the lamp again and it will give you a sword. Upon rubbing it a third time it will produce a bridle.The lamp will then disappear.

Climb onto the carpet and fly to the cliff. On the cliff are two rocks, walk between them but don't cross into the path of the snake. Place the bridle onto the snake, talk to the horse and collect the sugar cube it gives you for breaking the spell.

Enter the cave and collect the key, when you leave the cave type"Ride Carpet" and you will arrive at the antique shop, in the rock there is a broach to collect.

Then travel back to the door and open it. Travel to the dwarves home and to get rid of the dwarf go in and out until he is gone. Inside the trunk are some earings to collect and take the pot containing the chicken soup.

Go next to Grandmother's house and again go in and out until the wolf isn't home, and the real Grandma is. Then feed her the chicken soup and collect the ring and cloak.

When outside grandma's house put on both the cloak and ring, also put on the cross that you collected earlier in the game from the priest.

Travel to the dead lake and in front of the castle get into the boat with the ghoul in and before leaving the boat eat the sugar cube and then travel up the path past the ghosts.

Enter the castle and traveling up the ramp to the left which leads to the bedroom. If you open the dresser within the draw are some candles which you will need. The proceed back down the ramp and light the candle on the tourch. If you then go across the hall and into the dining room. Go down the stairs into the dungeon and enter the room on the left. If count Dracular isn't asleep open the coffin and look underneath the pillow, there will be the other key to open the next door. When you get out of the castle go back across the river with the ghoul. When inside the forest take off the ring and cloak. Now open the locked door.

Through the door is the strange land, you must go north and collect the fishing net. Then stand by the water and cast the net into the water where you will catch a fish, throw it back quickly and ride the fish to the island. You must then collect the amulet which lise north and then return south to enter the tower.

Up the stairs you will meet the lion which you must feed the ham to make it sleep. You can then open the door and kiss the princess.

Type "HOME" and then you can watch the end of the game.

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