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PC - Hugo and the House of Horrors Cheats

Pick up the pumpkin and open it to find a key, pick up the key and use the key to unlock the front door. Open the door and go inside.

Pick up the candle from the table and look in the hole under the stairs and pick up the penknife and whistle. Now go upstairs and in the first door. This is the bathroom, note the "333" on the mirror, you'll need to remember it for later.

Go next door and open the cupboard. Pick up the mask and go into the Professor's laboratory at the end of the corridor. Step into the cubicle. You'll need to speak to Igor to get him to press the buttons until your small. When you get small step out of the cubicle and walk behind the door to the table here you will find a bung. Pick it up and get back in the cubicle. Get Igor to press the buttons until you are normal again. When you are go back downstairs, put the mask on and go into the dinning room. (to the right) When the butler offers you a chop say yes.

Now go through to the kitchen and outside into the garden. Open the shed using "333" and collect the oil can from the shelf. Go back in doors and through the left door where there is a dog, you'll need to throw the dog the chop (you'll probably have to type this before going into the room and press enter when you go in).

Once the dog is happy you can lift the rug, oil the bolt, undo bolt and open the trapdoor. Go down into the basement and walk between the two rocks by the door trapping Penelope. You'll have to blow the whistle to disorientate the bats (again you'll probably have to type this before you enter the room).

In the next room you'll just have to avoid the mummy, you can get him stuck behind the leftmost rock. You need to get through his sarcophagus and on the way you need to pick up the gold.

Now you are in a cavern where the weird old man is. You'll need to put the bung in the hole of the boat and get in it. Then you'll need to cut the rope with your penknife and push the boat so that you will get to the other side. Talk to the old man and answer his questions.

The answers are:
1. Bilbo
2. Narnia
3. Bram Stoker
4. C
5. Man
6. Bullet
7. Yes

Now go through the door to the right and give the gold to the guard. He will let you pass and you can free Penelope.

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