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PC - Hugo and the Jungle of Doom Cheats

Watch the beginning scenes when your beloved Penelope is bitten by a pretty deadly spider.

Then return to the plane and collect from it, the cube of stock, the sandwiches, the pins, the clay and the flask.

Wander past Penelope and the Native and at the bridge tie the vines to it to make it stronger, cross over and then take the path with the scroll. Pick up the scroll as you go past and read it on your way. Pick up the bell in the next screen and then continue right until you reach a large boulder. Look behind it and you'll find a crystal ball.

Now go to the native village and give the Native Girl (the one that talks to you) the cubes to add to her meat. She will give you some darts and a blow pipe.

Now enter the witchdoctor's hut. He will immediately catch you and lock you up. To escape you should make a voodoo doll with the clay and then put the pins in it. The witchdoctor will fall down and you will be able to open your cage and get out.

Pick up the candle by the cauldron and then put the sandwich in the smaller cage. Go and stand by the right mouse hole. After a little wait the mouse should run into the cage and you will catch it.

Leave the village and and go to where the elephant is. You'll have to be quick here. You need to drop the cage in front of the elephant and open the cage. The mouse will escape and scare the elephant who will start to run away. You now need to shoot the elephant with the darts and this point. If you are successful the elephant will block the stream and stop the waterfall. You now need to return to the waterfall, cross over it and fill your flask with water from the pool.

Quickly cross back over, if your not quick enough you'll get trapped on the other side of the waterfall.

Now go back to the stream. Swing across the vines so that you're on the right hand side and then search about near the bank. You should find a spell book. Pick it up and go to where you saw the ghost in the cave. Go into the cave and read the spell. Play the game with the old man and when he asks if it is magic water say yes.

He will let you pass and you can go and administer the magic water to can free Penelope.

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