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PC - Broken Sword: The Shadow Of The Templars Cheats

Paris / Hotel Ubu / Ireland / Paris / Hagenmeyer Clinic / Paris

Spain / Paris / Syria / Paris / Spain / Scotland


Pick up the newspaper by the lamp post and read it. Go into the cafe and talk to the waitress, give the waitress the brandy and then talk to her about everything. Head down the street to where the workman is. You will meet the gendarme coming up the street. You will then be taken back to the cafe and questioned. The inspector will give you his card.

Talk to the Sergeant about everything and then talk to the photographer. Talk to the photographer (Nico) until you get her phone number. Then go down the street and talk to the workman. Give the newspaper to the workman and then once he's gone look in the toolbox and take the sewer key. Then go to the alley and use the sewer key on the drain lid and climb down into the sewer. Pick up the red nose. Further round the corner pick up the tissue and the piece of fabric. Then climb up the ladder out of the sewer.

Speak to the Concierge and show him the inspectors card as ID. Talk about the jacket and everything else and then he will let you out and you should use the workman's phone to call the tailor - Todryk. After you've phoned him phone Nico and you can then go to her house.

Speak to the flower seller about everything and then open the brown door to Nico's flat. Speak to Nico and then go to the Costume Shop, talk to the shop keeper and then leave, the shopkeeper will give you a Shake 'n Shock buzzer.

Now go back to the cafe and talk to the workman. Use his phone and talk to Nico and the tailor. Knock on the door and talk to the Concierge. Now go to the Hotel Ubu.

Hotel Ubu

At the Hotel Ubu, go inside and talk to Lady Piermont about everything. Then talk to the man and then to the clerk. Talk to Lady Piermont again and ask her to distract the clerk so you can get the key to room 21. While Lady Piermont is distracting the clerk grab the key to room 21 and go upstairs and into the room (first door on the right). Open the window and climb out onto the ledge. Head right and into room 22. Now try to leave the room through the door and the assassin will appear, come into the room and change his clothes.

Once he's gone check his trousers on the bed and you'll find a pass card and a matchbox. Leave the room and go downstairs and speak to Lady Piermont, talk to her about everything and show her your pass card. Lady Piermont will then help you get the manuscript out of the safe. Go back upstairs into room 21 and climb out the window again. Drop the manuscript into the alley below and then leave the hotel. Flap and Guido will then search you on the way out and you can then go round the back and pick up the manuscript. Now go back to Nico's flat and show her the manuscript. Now go to the museum and talk to the Custodian about everything.


Talk to Liam Maguire outside the pub about everything. Go into the pub and talk to the poacher. Then talk to O'Brien and Mike Leary who are sitting at the bar and also talk to the Barman. Then talk to Sean Fitzgerald (seated). After go back and talk to Leary again, you'll need to buy him a drink to loosen his memory. Also take the beer towel on the bar. Then go back outside and talk to the kid again. Go back inside and talk to Sean Fitzgerald again this time he'll run outside and be knocked down by a car and kidnapped.

You should then go outside and flick the switch on the left hand side of the doorway. This will stop the pumps in the pub working. Finish your pint and ask for another. Then show your ID card to the barman he will let you try to fix the pumps. Before you do, speak to the poacher once more and when he's busy sneezing pick up the snare that he's making.

Go behind the bar and use the snare with the plug of the glass washing machine. You'll then be allowed down into the cellar so go down and pull the lever that you can see and come back up. Go outside and open the doors to the cellar. Now go back to the cellar and you'll now be able to see. So pick up the gem, wet the beer towel using the tap and go back outside.

Now head up the path and speak to Fitzgerald's uncle for a while. He will head down to the village leaving you to guard the haystack. Climb up the haystack and then stick your sewer key into the hole by your left hand and use that to help you climb up over the wall.

Once over the wall, walk towards the goat via the right-hand side of the trough and when he rams you quickly click on the plough on the other side. George will dash across the screen and move the plough and the goat will get caught in the process. You can now go down the steps and into the castle.

Knock over the statue in the sand and then pick it up again, you will see some indented marks in the sand and you should go over to the table and pick up the plaster of Paris. Then use the plaster of Paris on the holes in the sand and then ring the bar towel out on the plaster to make it set. (If your bar towel has dried out return to the pub and use the tap on it again and then return here).

Once the plaster has set pick up the cast and fit it into the holes on the wall. You will then uncover a new passage way, so go down there.


After talking to Nico go to the Museum and talk to Lobineau about everything. Then go to the police station and talk to Gendarme you will find out that the Mole of Montmatre has been hospitalized at the Hagenmeyer Clinic. Also talk to Rosso and then go to Montfaucon. Talk to the officer at the café and then go into the church, look at all the tombs and the statue.

Hagenmeyer Clinic

Go to the Hagenmeyer Clinic and talk to Benoir the trainee, then talk to the receptionist and show her your ID card. She will let you go to visit Marquet. Talk to the doctor about everything and then head down the corridor on the left hand side.

Talk to the guy with the polishing machine and then head round the corner and pull the plug out. Whilst he's putting the plug back in open the door to the cupboard. You'll find a white coat and put it on. Now take the second corridor on the left opposite Mr. Shiny's plug. Talk to the patients:

Patient 1 - Boissy - clown - in a comer
Patient 2 - Croquet - pulse rate down blood pressure up.
Patient 3 - Eric Sopmarsh - take his blood pressure.

Talk to the nurse she will give you an instrument to check the patients blood pressure, then go back and talk to Hagenmeyer in the foyer, Benoir will tag along with you now. You won't be able to get to Marquet until you have taken Sopmarsh's blood pressure so give the pressure gauge to Benoir and tell him to take Sopmarsh's reading. Then go and speak to Marquet. After you've spoken to him another doctor will come in and you will have to leave. The doctor will kill Marquet.


Back at Nico's you should speak to her about anything new and then visit the Museum. There you should talk to Lobineau about everything and then open the window using the lever to the left of the display cabinet. Then when the guard goes to close the window you should hide in the sarcophagus.

Wait a while and the crooks will arrive, you'll be out of the sarcophagus by now and you should push the totem pole over.

Back at Nico's you will find out that Nico was the one that stole the tripod. Head back to the Museum and talk to the guard and Lobineau. Then go to the Airport and travel to Spain.


Look at the summerhouse and examine it. Then go and talk to the gardener Lopez. Go round to the left hand side of the house and use the pressure gauge on the hose pipe. Wait until Lopez goes inside and then follow him in and take the passage on the right. You'll get scared by the dogs and you should then hide behind the suit of armor. Lopez will go to check on the dogs and you can go upstairs and talk to the Countess about everything.

The Countess will then take you to the summer house. Look at the book and look at the board behind it. Talk to the Countess about everything in the summerhouse.

You will realize that the chess pieces fit into the squares and in order to work the puzzle you will need to move the three middle chess pieces (Bishop, King, Knight) so that the Black King is in checkmate.

This will look like:


You will then discover the chalice.


After talking to Nico go to Montefaucon. Show the gendarme the red nose and then talk to the juggler. Juggle and then after the gendarme has left use the sewer key to open the drain cover. Use the sewer key on the first archway and the use the chain on the boat and attach the hook into the hole. Then wind the chain back up again and go through the archway.

Look through the hole in the wall (where the light is coming through). You will see the Templars. Look through the hole again and watch them leave. Then head down the steps and use the tripod on the centre stone and the gem on the tripod. The tripod will spell out the word MARIB.


Talk to Duane, Pearl and Nejo. Go upstairs and show the carpet seller the matchbook, he will let you go upstairs to the club. In the club you should try to use the toilet, read the sign and then ask Ultar about the sign. Go back down into the market and talk to Arto the kebab seller. Then speak to Nejo about Arto and offer Nejo the red ball and tell him you mean it. You should then go and tell Arto the phrase that Nejo has given you. Go back and talk to Nejo and he will give you the toilet brush which you can then go and take back to the club owner. In return he will give you the key to the toilet and once inside you should unlock the towel vendor and take the towel.

Now go back down to Nejo's stall and stroke the cat. Then ring the bell on the table and the cat will knock the statue off the table. Pick up the broken statue and use the tissue with it. Then sell it to Duane for $50. Go back to the club talk to Ultar and show him the photograph.

Once downstairs Ultar's taxi will be broken and you should give him the towel to enable him to fix it.

At the cliff you should pick up the twig and fasten it to the remainder of the towel and then use that with the hole and then climb down it.

At the bottom you'll find a hole in the rock which you should examine twice, you'll find a ring in the hole and you should use that. This will reveal a secret passage way. Go into the passage and at the end of it you'll find Klausner dead. Examine him and you'll find the lens. The cave will close and you'll be trapped. Look and examine the map on the wall and after you've looked and examined everything Khan will enter the cave. (Now is a good time to save.) When Khan asks you some questions answer them all truthfully and ask to die like a man. You should then use the Shaken n' Shock Buzzer when you shake hands with Khan and then jump off the cliff.


Talk to Nico about everything new that you've discovered, then go to Montfaucon and talk to the Gandarme. Go into the church and talk to the father about everything, including the lens and chalice and then ask him to polish the chalice. While he is polishing the chalice use the lens on the scroll of the statue and look through it. After you've looked through it go back and talk to the father again about the chalice and then go and look at the tomb in the corner by the new window.

Now go to the museum and talk to Lobineau, then go to the site de Baufomont. Once there go down the right steps and talk to the guard, then try to open the door opposite. Talk to the guard again and get the keys to the toilet. Use the keys to open the door, pick up te soap and use the keys on it. Then use the plaster of paris on the soap and then use the tap on it. Leave the bathroom and return the keys to the guard, on your way upstairs look at the thermostat. Once upstairs talk to the labourer about everything. Then look at the dumpster and the paint pot and go back downstairs and use the telephone. Go back into the street and talk to the painter about the phone. When he's gone downstairs dip your key into the paint pot and then go back downstairs and get the keys off the guard.

Go back into the bathroom and swop the keys then leave the bathroom and turn the thermostat down, wait for the guard to put his gloves on and then give him back the keys. Now phone Nico again and then wait for the phone to ring and watch the proceedings. Go back downstairs and use the key on the door and then use the chalice on the mosaic, you will see an image of a church with a square tower.

Go back and talk to Nico.


Go back and speak to Lopez again. Go back to the house and take the mirror from the utility room. Go to the mausoleum examine the candle, close the window with the pole and then put the tissue on the end of the hook and light it with the candle by the lecturn then light the large candle. When its melted you'll have a key. Go back to Lopez and talk about finding the well. Take a hazel twig from the bush besides the utility room window. Go back and show the twig to Lopez. After a while you'll find the well.

Once down the well look at the lions head, then use the tooth to open the secret passage way. Then go over to the light shaft and use the mirror to find the hole to put the key you got from the candle (it's in the middle of the door). Put the key in the socket and you'll find the children.


Back at Nico's you'll speak to her and Lobineau. You'll end up on the train to St. Ninian's in Scotland.

In the carriage talk to Nico and the old woman. Look in all the carriages and talk to everyone. You'll see Guido and when you go back to your carriage you'll find Nico and the old woman gone. Go back into the carriage with the two guys in. Speak to the guy who is awake and get him to help you. Open the window in the carriage and climb up onto the roof and walk along to the right. Climb down the steps and open the door.

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