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PC - Discworld Noir Cheats

Act I / Act II / Act III / Act IV

Act I

Head across to the wharf and speak to Mr Scoplett, then go over to the cafe and speak to Nobby and Captain Jenkins. Leave the cafe and pick up the crowbar on the cart before leaving the area. Go back to the wharf and use the crowbar to open the crate. Once on board the ship pick up the label and then go into the cabin and search the bunk to find the piece of cardboard.

Go over to Pseudopolis Yard and talk to Nobby, here you'll meet Malachite and he'll ask you to find Therma. Go over to the Octarin Parrot and speak to Mankin and Sapphire.

Then go over to Rhodan's workshop and speak to Rhodan and then to Malachite about Madame Lodestone. Then go back to your office and speak with the troll Al Khali. Now go to Pseudopolis Yard and speak to Nobby about Madame Lodestone and the mysterious passengers and then visit the Sellachi Mausoleum and look for Madame Lodestone's grave. After go to the Cafe Ankh and speak to Ilsa about everything and show her the label.

Visit Pier 5 and speak to the watchman. Then return to your office where you will be harrassed by Al Kali, a dwarf in order that you leave the Mundy case alone. Pick up the note, read it and head over to the Von Uberwald's mansion.

In the mansion talk to the butler and show him the invitation. Go to see the count and also speak to Carlotta. Speak to her about the Mausoleum and she will help you find Madame Lodestone, take the diamond tooth from Madame Lodestone. Return to Rhodan's workshop and tell Malachite you have found Therma.

Go to Pier 5 and use the grappling hook on the sky light and then use the crowbar on the skylight. Once inside the warehouse pick up the matchbook and climb back out. Then fix the cardboard corner to the matchbook. Go to the Octarine Parrot and talk to Mankin about the Matchbook and about lies.

Act II

Look at the boots, message, the body and the frayed rope. Go back downstairs and talk to Mankin about Sapphire lying. Go to see the Von Uberwald's Carlotta is out so speak to the count.

Now go to the Saturnalia Casino, once inside you'll meet Ilsa and Two Conkers. Talk to Whirl, Warb the Wizard and Carlotta, ask her about Mundy's murder and once you have learned about the Temple Of The Small Gods visit there.

At the Temple speak to Malaclypse, about everything and one including the frayed rope and then speak to Moon Calf. Return to the Octarine Parrot and speak to Mankin about Mundy being upside down, Mankin will admit he cut him down and give you the coin he found in his boots.

Return to your office and you'll find Al Khali waiting to take you to Horst's office. After you have spoken with Horst, return to the casino and speak to Carlotta about the Golden Sword. Whilst there speak to Warb again, this time about Sapphire and then speak to Whirl, about your wallet and Sapphire's money, she has a losing streak.

Return to the Von Uberwald's and speak to the count, ask him about Regin and he will employ you to find him. Return to the Temple and speak to Malaclypse about Regin, Horst and the coin. Next go to the Cafe Ankh and speak to Samael and then speak to Mr Scoplett about Regin.

Now go to Maudlin Bridge and look at the skid marks and broken railiings, pick up the torn fabric from the railings, then go to the wharf and pick up the mooring line, use this on the grappling hook and then speak to Malachite about the thing in the river and give him the grappling hook. Use the iconograph on Regin's body you'll find the key under his toupee.

Return to the Von Uberwald's and tell the Count that you have found Regin. Go to the Octarine Parrot and speak to Mankin and Sapphire, next return to the casino and ask Warb about the key, head left and use the key on the safety deposit boxes. Go and speak to Sapphire again about her losing streak and then confront her.

Go back to your office and read the note. Once you've been arrested you should watch the rat in your cell to see where the loose block is in the bottom right hand side, pick up the block and you will then be in Leonardo De Quirms cell. Look at the gaping hole. Go to the rooftops and speak to the Gargoyle Gable.

Now go and speak to Carlotta to get the shipping order, go to the pier and speak to the watchman about the shipping order. Go to the Archeologists Guild and speak to the doorman. Go to the Cafe Ankh, and speak to Samael about the wine barrels. Use the key on the trapdoor, inside you'll find Ilsa and Two Conkers. Talk to Ilsa about archeology, Tsorta, the counterweight killings and the Varberg crates. Use the receipts and then go to the palace, use your clue 'the hiding place' on the wall by the rubbish dump. Then return to Ilsa and tell her.

Once inside the guild speak to Lordeo about Horst and then go and speak to Horst about Loredo, he will want a meeting so return to Loredo and set it up. Then go over to the bookcase in the guild and use the book. You will now be at the guild's vault, read the security notice and look at the panel. Then go over to the casino and speak to Warb the Wizard, offer him the charm bracelet in exchange for him telling you how to get into the vault.

Return to the guild and use your clue 'Vault backpassage' to enter Vault 51. Then use your clue 'Azile' with the clue that 'Mundy was hung upside down'. Then use your new clue with the crates. You'll find the one you're looking for and you should then use the diamond with the exhibits to get the Golden Sword.


Turn into a wolf and follow the magenta scent to the casino, pick up the moss and then follow the scent further. Switch back to Lewton and check out the stained glass window to discover Mooncalf.

Leave the graveyard and return to your office, here you will find Nobby and after a brief chat with him you should pick up the crowbar check out all the scents and visit the Cafe Ankh to speak to Samael, check out his cellar and collect the scents there. Then go to the Octarin Parrot and speak to Mankin and view the notice board, visit the room where Mundy stayed and check out all the scents there and also in Sapphire's changing room. You should also collect the perfume bottle there.

Next got to the Patrician's Palace and visit the rubbish dump. Change into a wolf and check out your serial killer scent with the magenta traces and the red traces and then return to the Cafe Ankh's cellar and read the receipts. Next use the crowbar with the wine barrels and you'll get delivered to the Patricians Palace.

Follow the corridor up and round to the left and then change into a wolf at the double doors. Collect the blue scent and listen to the conversation behind the doors.

Go back to your office and turn into a wolf and check the scents. Then go over to the Von Uberwald mansion and ask to see Carlotta, whilst the butler is gone change into a wolf and collect all the scents. You will find out that Carlotta is a werewolf. Next ask to speak to the count and talk to him and death and then go to the Cafe Ankh and speak to Carlotta.

Now go over to Pseudopolis yard and speak to Nobby about the murders and such and then go to the Merchant's Guild and speak to the doorman.

Go to the temple and use the list on Mooncalf. Go to the cemetary and look at the stained glass window in your wolf form. Listen to Mooncalf's conversation with the troll. Go back inside the temple ad speak to Malaclypse to discover where the meeting is to be held.

Check at the lectern until you find the hole under it to hide in. Then put the perfume on Mooncalf's feet so that you can follow him.

Visit the sanctuary, look at the fresco, strange symbol and map. Next go to the Von Uberwald library to check all of these things. Then return to the sanctuary and use all your murder clues on the map you should get the location of the Dysk Theatre, go there and pick up the flyer. Then leave..

Next visit the Von Uberwald library and look up the flyer, symbol and Nylonathetap. You will gain the new clues, Octagram of murders, Elver Sign and Eight Great Tragedies. Look up the eight great tragedies in the index.

Return to the Dysk Theatre and turn into a wolf near the stage. Then turn back to a human and use the Elver sign on the wall marks in front of you. Go through the secret door and use the Octagram of Murders on the alter, then return to the sanctuary and use the Octagram of murders on the map of Ankh Morpork to discover Dragon Street. Use the crowbar on the shop front, go inside and examine the bone on the floor. You will gain access to the wizard's pleaseance where you should click the bushes to hide in them. Then watch the story unfold.

Act IV

After all hell breaks lose, look at the wall for an inscription and at the rubble to find the sword. Then return to the sanctuary and after a scene Kondo is dead, search is body for the amulet.

Speak to Two Conkers and show him the amulet and the sword, then go to the Von Uberwald mansion and use the library to look up Nylonathatap and the inscription, then look up the new clue Radiant Trapezohedron in the index. Then speak to Mooncalf about the amulet and then about the traitors. Go to Rhodan's, look where Malachite was and pick up the plaster bandages and then ask him about Foid.

Return to the Patrician's Palace and speak to Two Conkers about the Radiant Trapezohedron, you will gain his map to look for it.

Go to Dagon Street and speak to Foid, show Foid the amulet and the Falchion, ask about Satraps contact and go to Newhall to get fired, then go to Pseudopolis Yard and speak to Nobby about getting a search warrant.

Go into Newhall and go into the concourse and you'll turn into a wolf. You'll meet Satrap and speak to him about Gelid, Foid and Horst and chat until Satrap meets his death.

Pick up the astrolabe near the telescope and use the map on the mosaics, select the one closest to the picture on the map and the Golem will move the telescope to look at it. Use the telescope and then go to the Mausoleum and use the astrolobe on the sky.

Next open the sarcophagus by putting Mundy's coin in the indent on top and speak to the Zombie.

You'll find yourself back at your office where you should use the Radiant Trapezohedron to find out Horst's location. Then go to the Maudlin Bridge and regain the sword from Horst.

Next go to the Patrician's Palace and speak to leonard and Two Conkers. You'll need to use the flying device, but first get protection by using the Sign of the Eel on it. Then watch the FMV and that's the end.

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