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PC - Hugo Whodunnit? Cheats

You find yourself in the hallway. You must go upstairs and in the furthest door to the right where Penelope is waiting. Open the door and go inside. Penelope will feel tired an lie down. Meanwhile you should go over to the bookcase and pick up the yellow book. The bookcase will open and Hugo will disappear, you will now be playing a Penelope, who will wake up shortly. Let her look through the keyhole and watch Uncle Horace be murdered. Then you should also go over to the bookcase and pick up the yellow book.

You will now find yourself in the study where the gruesome act has just been committed. Speak to the parrot and look in the desk. You'll find some matches so pick those up and try to use the telephone. You'll get cut off so now get in the dumb waiter. You'll find yourself downstairs in the kitchen now. Look in the cupboards and you'll find a clove of Garlic, pick it up and head out into the garden.

In the garden you should head straight for the shed. The gardener in there will be very friendly and to scare him away you should eat the Garlic. There are four buttons on the table, they are red, blue, yellow and green. You will need to press both the green and blue buttons.

Head out of the shed and to the right. The gates should be open. Enter the maze, collect the bottle, gun and bell as shown below on the map.


Get back out of the maze and continue right through the garden. You've now got to get across the bridge, (it's a good idea to save at this point) you need to get across without knocking the sides since this will cause Penelope to drop the matches, and you need these dry. Pick up the catnip before you cross the bridge.

Carry on past the bees, if the "bug snapper" is on (it should be if you pressed the green button, if not you'll have to go back to the shed).

In the forest past the bees is the old man from "Hugo and the Haunted House". When Penelope has finished with him continue right until the snake bites you. You should drink the Serum in the bottle to counteract this. Continue right and take the top path to where the dog is.

Throw the stick and the dog will run off leaving you to inspect the kennel. You'll find some dynamite so pick it up and carry on to the right.

Go through the gate here and turn left and walk past the telephone box. When your in the street read the writing on the wall. It should say "1-800-333-Hugo" Now go back to the telephone box and step inside. Penelope will automatically phone the police, but after you can dial the number above.

Once you arrive in the new world you should shoot the Dalek with your gun. The Doctor will thank you and give you a sonar-screwdriver. Now get back in the telephone box.

Go back to where the old man is and take the path down. Here you'll find a well. Climb down the rope into the well and place the dynamite near the rockfall. Light the dynamite and climb back up the rope very quickly (this is another good save point since if you're not quick enough up the rope you'll be killed by the blast.)

When all is clear you can climb back down into the well. You'll walk through into an entrance to a number of caves. Take the left cave and collect the lamp at the end of it. Then come back and go through the middle cave. You'll need to get across the cavern to get the rotten banana.

You can't see it but there is a hidden ledge behind the rocks at the bottom of the screen. If you travel to the very bottom of the screen and then cross you shouldn't fall into the hole. Get the banana and return to the entrance of the caves and take the right hand entrance.

At the end of this cave is a trapdoor. You'll need to wake the genie in your lamp and then feed him the rotten banana so he'll open the door for you. You'll find yourself back in Uncle Horace's house.

Use the sonar-screwdriver to open the safe. You won't be able to read the will unless you've got the magnifying glass. (to get the magnifying glass you'll need to turn left out of the kitchen doors and then weave you're way through a maze of deadly venus fly traps).

However the will simply says that Uncle Horace has left the majority of his wealth to Hugo.

Go to the top of the house and open the door on the left. Aunt Hester is in here. Accept her offer of wine and whilst her back is turned read the paper on the table. You only get one chance at this.

Now go next door and speak to Harry. He will just laugh and laugh and laugh, so not much to do here.

Now go back down the corridor and into the room on the right where the maid is, this is the parlour. Speak to her for a while and then go into the kitchen (left) speak to the cook and then go back into the parlour and into the room to the right with the chimney in it. Now rub the bell with the catnip and then give the bell to the cat.

Leave the room and the cat will ring the bell. The maid will leave you alone and you can look in the cupboard to see what she was hiding. Pick up the photo album and look at it.

Return to the lounge where you should see the police inspector just going in. He will ask you who the murderer was.

Harry is the murderer.

You will find you are now Hugo. To get out of the looked room you should first pick up the paper and pencil.

Push the paper under the door and then push the pencil through the keyhole. The key will drop onto the paper below and Hugo will be free.

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