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PC - Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge Cheats

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

Part 1: Largo's Embargo

In Woodtick, look at the sign before the bridge and pick up the shovel. Cross the bridge and Largo will rob you. Walk to the window at the bottom of the screen, climb through and pick up the knife from the table. Climb back out through the window and go into the first door. This is the Cartographers, pick up the paper from the pile and then go over to Wally, when he rubs his eyes pick up the monocle.

Go out and walk over to the hatch, talk to the bartender. Largo will arrive and spit into the corner. Wait until he is gone and then use the paper to collect the spit. Leave and walk to the laundry. Pick up the bucket and go to the swamp, use the bucket on the swamp and then go to the cemetery. Use the shovel on the graves on top of the hill, now you'll have a bone.

Head back to Woodtick and go into the Inn, cut the alligator loose with your knife and then look at the alligators bowl. Pick up the cheese squigglies. Go through the door up the stairs, this is Largo's room. Set the bucket above the door and hide behind the dressing screen. Do this pretty quickly before Largo comes back. when he does come back he'll get covered in mud and will run off. Collect the toupee from his dressing table and the laundry ticket from behind the door.

Now go to the laundry. Wait until Largo leaves and then go and speak to Mad Marty. Tell him you want to pick up some clothes and give him the claims ticket. Marty will give you a bra.

Go to the Peninsula and give Captain Dread the monocle. Then go to the swamp and get in the coffin. Row to the shack. Pick up the string from the table and then walk to the right. Here you will find the Fortune Teller, ask her about Largo and give her the bra, spit, toupee and bone. She will give you a voodoo doll of Largo along with some pins. Return to Woodtick, go to largo's room and use the pins on the doll.

Now go to the Beach and pick up the stick. The go to the laundry ship and open the box below the three sailors. Use the cheese squigglies and the stick with the box and then use the string on the stick. This will create an effective rat trap. Wait until the rat starts to nibble on the squigglies and then pull the string to trap it in. Open the box and collect the rat.

Walk back to the window and put the rat into the soup. Now go to the bar and order the stew. You'll be offered the job as cook and get a week's wages in advance. Climb out the window and go to Captain Dread's ship.

Part 2: Four Map Pieces

Pick up the Parrot Chow and then go inside and tell Dread you want to go to Booty Island.

On the justify hand side is the Antique shop. Go inside and buy the "Beware of the Parrot" sign. Then put the parrot chow on the hook where the sign was. The Parrot will be distracted and you can then purchase the mirror. Also purchase the ships horn and the saw. Now leave the Antique shop and go to the right and speak to the woman (Captain Kate) selling boat tours.

Now go into Stan's previously owned coffins, tell Stan you've got to go and he'll give you a complementary handkerchief. Go to Dread's ship and to Phatt Island. You'll be arrested and taken to see Governor Phatt.

In The Jail

Pick up the mattress and then pick up the stick beneath it. Use the stick on the bone of the skeleton. Give the dog the bone and then use the key to unlock your cell. Pick up both the envelopes on the shelf and leave the prison.

Open the envelopes and then use Kate's leaflet on your wanted poster at the docks.

Now go to the library and speak to the librarian. Get yourself a library card and then go and look in the card drawers for the following:

RECIPES: The Joy of Hex

DISASTERS: Great Shipwrecks of our century

And whatever else takes your fancy.

Ask the librarian for these and then pick up the lens. Leave the library and go into the first alley. When the man leaves follow him into the last alley and watch. Then knock on the slot in the door when he has justify and ask for the winning number.

The answer is the number of fingers the man held up the first time. Once he's told you the number you can go back and bet on that number. After you win ask for the invitation. You can carry on to win all the prizes if you wish. Just return to the back alley and ask for the winning number again.

Now go to the Governor's mansion. Speak to the guard and tell him that there is a fire in the kitchen. Go upstairs and swap the book on the Governor's bed for your third choice book.

Get back on the boat and go to Scabb Island, speak to the bartender, use your library card as ID and buy all three drinks. Put the banana on the metronome and pick up Jo JO Go to the laundry and saw off the pirates peg leg, then go to the carpenter's and pick up the hammer and nails.

Go to Booty Island. Here you should go into the Costume Shop and give the shopkeeper your invitation, in return he will give you your costume. Pick up your dress and go next door. Ask Stan to show you the coffin and when he gets in nail him in it.

Pick up the crypt key and leave. Now go right and enter the spitting contest. Blow the horn and the pick up the flags. Mix the yellow and green drinks together and then enter the contest. Use the straw with your new green drink and then win the contest. (Swish Swish Hooooook Chwwwwwk Ptooie). When you win the Spitmaster will give you a plaque which you can then take and sell to the Antiques Dealer.

Go to Phatt Island and let Kate out of jail using the key. Now go back to Booty Island and hire Kate, then go to the Governor's house where the party is in full swing. Open the front door and collect the first piece of the map from the mirror. Leave and the dog will catch you. After you talk to Elaine for a while she will throw the map out of the window. You can't catch it and eventually it will just blow away.

Go back upstairs and pick up the oar. Go back outside and pick up the dog, then go behind the house and pick up the trash can. Run back round to the front, the chef will chase you and you should continue running back round to the back door via the other path.

When you get there go into the kitchen and pick up the fish. Leave the grounds and go back to Phatt Island. Speak to the fisherman on the dock and bet that you can catch a bigger fish than him. Give him the fish and you will get his rod.

Now go to Booty Island and use the rod to retrieve the piece of puzzle from the edge of the cliff. A seagull will snatch it and carry it to the big tree. Follow the seagull and step on the plank and then place the oar in the next hole, when you step on it the oar will break and you should return to Woodtick and ask the carpenter to repair it for you. Once the carpenter has reinforced the oar go back to the Big Tree and repeat the procedure. Put the oar into the hole and then step on it, once done you should remove the plank from behind you and put it in the front hole, then repeat this until you reach the top of the tree.

Go into the justify hut and pick up the telescope then go into the main hut and use the dog to sniff out the right piece of paper.

Go to the waterfall on Phatt Island, climb to the top and use Jo Jo on the pump, then go back to the now dried up waterfall and enter the hole. You will now be on the smaller island with the cottage.

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