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PC - Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon Cheats

George - Congo - Part 1

Once the plane has crashed, unlock you seat belt and get up, go over to the crate and open the belt holding the crate in place. Then push the crate up to the tail end of the plane, pick up the beer and go into the cockpit. Use the fire extinguisher to smash the front window of the plane and then search Harry. You'll find the bottle opener and should then open the bottle of beer. You can then use the beer on Harry to bring him round from his sleep and he will agree to go and sit at the tail end of the plane on the crate so you can get out the front.

He will follow you out shortly after and you'll then need to work your way across the platforms until you reach the cave entrance.

Nico – Paris - Part 1

Once you have heard the shot’s come from inside the apartment, pick up the pencil from the bulletin board and then open the double doors leading to outside and push and pull the bird bath as far to the left as possible. Then climb onto it and grab onto the guttering above, shimmy across, jump down and then climb over the balcony railing and continue left to the next doorway. Open the door with your press card and go inside.

Leave the bedroom and go into the lounge, pick up the shell casing and look at Vernon, inspect him to find his business card, then examine the computer and files and go into the kitchen. The assassin is hiding behind the fridge and will come out and try to kill you, when you see the icon appear hit her with the frying pan and then a minute later open the fridge door to knock her to the floor. She will find she has run out of bullets and will flee the scene.

Return to the kitchen and listen to the answering machine messages, then collect the bank statement from the rubbish bin in the corner and pull up the rug, remove the floor board and discover the safe. You can then try both the business card and bank statement for combinations for the safe but neither work.

Next go out on to the balcony and down the fire escape ladders to the street below. Search both bins and pick up the piece of newspaper on the ground. Then climb over the wall and into the garden. Pick up and examine the wig to discover the assassin was blonde.

Now go and speak to the woman sweeping the pavement and she will tell you that she saw the woman get into a red sports car. The man carrying a skateboard will tell you it is a red E Type Jaguar and then the traffic warden will tell you the registration plate, that there was a theatre mask on one of the seats and also information about the gun used to fire the shell case, including that it was from a 12mm gun and made in Prague. Vernon’s girlfriend Beatrice is sitting in the park and you can go and talk to her too, she will run off when you tell her Vernon is dead.

George - The Congo - Part 2

Enter the cave and try to make some sense of the professors dying words. Then search him to fins his ID and have a quick look at the door with all the markings on it. Now go over to the other door with no handles and push the black crate over onto the pressure pad to keep the door open. Then have a look at the table and collect the postcard and the magnifying glass.

Go through the door and examine the gas and the machine, pull the lever and you’ll break the machine. Now pick up the metal rod on the floor and have a look through the slit window to the left of the door that won’t open. Head back to the first doorway and put the lever into the hole in the machine on the side of the wall. Work it once, the door will stay permanently open and you should take the rod back out.

Go back into the other room and push the crate into the room with the machine. Push it up to the wall on the left side and you should be able to jump up and into an opening. Use the rod to knock the birds nest off its high ledge and pick it up from the floor. Then follow the platforms and ledges until you come outside.

Now use the birds nest in the mouth of the statue and the magnifying glass to set it all on fire. You will fall down the cliff and will need to run (Shift and direction) and then press S to jump into the car and get away.

George – Glastonbury - Part 1

Enter the Cosmic Fairies shop, examine the postcards on the rack and the books of poetry on the front desk. Then speak to Tristam the shop owner, quiz him about someone upstairs and Bruno.

Then go outside and speak to the Colonel and Eamon about everything you can and then head back over the road into the fortune tellers. Speak to her about everything and then go back to speak to Tristam again, talk to him about his poetry and convince him to lend you a copy of his book to show to Eamon.

Go back to Eamon and show him the poetry it will turn out that Tristam is a fraud and has copied other poets work. Eamon will go to the shop with you following, and accuse Tristam. Whilst they are arguing take the opportunity to go upstairs, where you’ll find the Colonel’s daughter Melissa.

Speak to her about everything to discover that Bruno stayed in the room before her and you can then go back down and blackmail Tristam into admitting about Bruno and giving you Bruno’s old pants.

Afterwards use the metal pole on the book to free up three silver coins and head back to the fortune tellers. You can then ask her about the postcard and then about Bruno’s pants.

When you leave the shop you will see smoke coming from behind the pub, go over and speak to Eamon, he will then help you to break down the door to the back garden. You’ll now need to line the crates up. You can’t move the stack of two crates, so what you need to do is put one crate either side of it in a line towards the barn. Then you can get on to the crate furthest from the barn and whilst standing on that push the crate on top on the crate closest to the barn.

You’ll then need to get back off the crates and push one of the crates round to the space closest to the barn so you can then get back up onto the crates and push the top one up against the barn wall. This will allow you to climb in and save Bruno.

After you’ve saved him talk to him about Sussaro, the earth and the other scientist.

Nico – Paris - Part 2

Go over and speak to Vernon’s neighbour who is talking to the woman sweeping the pavement. Then go up the fire escape and look at the door. You’ll see the key is in the lock so use the newspaper with the door and then use the pencil with the door to knock the key out onto the newspaper. Pick up the newspaper and then unlock the door and go inside.

In the kitchen pick up a tissue from the box by the sink and go into the bedroom. You will find Beatrice crying there so offer her the tissue and she will talk to you about Vernon. You’ll work out from the conversation that the safe code is Beatrice’s birthday so after exhausting all the topics of conversation with her go back into the lounge and open the safe.

Once you’ve collected the disc and diagram from the safe, you’ll head back outside only to find the red E-type Jag trying to run you over. Press S and Right to jump out of the way and avoid it, quickly go over and speak to the traffic warden on the right again and then return to the apartment.

Back home you should call the newspaper and then put the DVD into your TV. Once you’ve watched it call Andre for some advice and he will come over, give the newspaper another call and you can ask about the theatre mask. Then talk to Andre about all the clues and leave to go to the theatre.

Walk down the right hand side of the theatre and to the back of the street, you’ll see the red E-Type Jag parked there – so you’ll know you’re in the right place. You’ll then need to climb the scaffolding. Basically get to the top and you’ll find a white billboard attached to the scaffolding, untie it at the top and then make your way to the bottom of it. Nico will then loosen that and it will come away allowing you to use it as a bridge across to the other side of the road.

Now climb up onto the roof and down the ladder to the left. Open the door and walk down the stairs. Head through the corridor to the left, follow the stairs down and then open the door at the bottom. Sussaro will then come through the door and Nico will be captured.

George – Paris - Part 3

Bruno will take you to a place that his machine indicates is a place of high activity, you’ll need to find a way in so head through the arch and into the courtyard. Push the small box into the farthest right hand corner so that it is next to the large container which has the lid open. Then climb onto the box and remove the prop which is holding the lid open. The lid will then shut and you can climb onto it, open the window and enter the building.

Once inside, leave this room and go into the door to the left. You’ll need to pull the box from the far top left corner over to the door where there should be three other boxes, it’s pretty much the same scenario as the one you used when rescuing Bruno from the barn. You simply want to move the top crate at least one box space away from the wall, and then put the light switch on. Then move the crate back and pull the middle crate out to uncover the trap door, open the trap door and head down the tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel, climb up the ladder and then up the ladder in the next room, you’ll then see what you think is a play but is actually a captured Nico.

Head out the back left door and into the theatre foyer, pick up the cup that had given Nico’s hideout away behind the desk and then head back into the theatre. Head down toward and through right hand side door. Climb up the ladder and take the right hand side path, pull the string and then climb onto the lighting cage, shimmy across to the other side and then drop the left hand flower bag onto Flap below and then drop the second bag to knock Flap out.

Talk to Nico and examine Flap, then head through the door to the left of the stage and down the stairs. Head right, head into the first room on the left and at the end of the room on a crate is a box of paints. Pick one up.

Continue down the corridor, enter a dressing room with a locked safe, head back to the stage and use the greased paint with the stage lamp to melt it. Head back downstairs and then downstairs again, open the first door on the right and look at the pole holding up the floor. Use your new hot wax on the pole and then speak to Nico about the support and ask her to help you push the pole over. The safe will come crashing through the floor.

Pick up the keycard and the artifact from the safe and leave the room, follow the path round and use the card to open the door. Go into the centre where the energy source is and George will be able to take the shape from the energy beam. Then head back and Petra and Sussaro will come up in the lift. Run to the edge of the pathway and climb down. Watch the FMV sequence and then follow the path back out to the lift you’ll need to be quick to avoiding Petra shooting you. Use the bottle opener to stop the lift from closing and then head up the next level and into the rooms with the painted backdrops and green mesh walls. You’ll see the trapdoor there so use it and get up onto the stage. Climb down the front of the stage and head up to the front of the theatre to the ladder which you came up from. You’ll then find that George is robbed and he’ll awaken back at Nico’s apartment.

George – Congo - Part 3

Ask Nico to pull on the doors and then use the metal rod to break the lock. Open the doors and go inside. Go into the back room and use the Omega Stone with the centre of the door and it will open.

Go down the steps and Nico will pull you away before the spikes come out. Climb onto the left ledge and shimmy your way across to the other side. Then move the two blocks, push the first into the main path of the spikes and then return and push the other block to the same place. Once you have the second block in place, you can push the first block in the path of the next set of spikes. You can then climb over and investigate the dead body. You’ll discover a scarf and a plate. Climb back over the blocks and examine the cogs in the corner, use the metal rod with the cogs and Nico will be able to join you.

You will now find a big puzzle, ask Nico to help and she will stand on the tiles and you can direct her to move (whenever you are standing on a neutral tile. The order is Fish, Scorpion, Snake, Fish, Bird, Scorpion, Snake (take the path backwards), Bird, Fish, Scorpion and Snake. You can then climb onto the wall, shimmy along, pull yourself up and then go through the door.

Climb into the hole and drop onto one of the platforms. Jump across to the right hand platform and then climb down and shimmy to the right as far as you can. Drop onto the platform below and then climb down and down to the bottom of the hole.

This next puzzle involves lots of rock pushing and pulling... but very simply you need to get the very top rock to sit on the ledge so that you can walk across to the door to the right. Basically move the two lower rocks to fill in the gaps in the path so that you can move the top rock right.

After you’ve moved the block on to the ledge you can walk across and jump to the other side, head through the door.

You’ll now need to maneuver the mechanical machine components so that they all join up and the machine will work. I did this through trial and error, and just twisted the pieces and tried each one until they fitted. They go on in the order of South East, North West and then the South West piece.

Go over to the far left corner and use the panel, it will light up half the door. You’ll now need to arrange the light beam by twisting the crystals on sticks, to need to get the light beam to be pushing into the Machinery, then go and reverse the light beam by using a panel on the machine in the other room. This will move the Machinery and you can go up the stairs and find Nico. Go back down and use the panel, it will light up half of the door, talk to Nico about everything including the panel and she will agree to operate it.

Then go back to the panel on the machine in the other room and reverse the beam back, this move the Machinery and block Nico in, you’ll then need to move the crystal sticks to change the beam’s direction so that it is hitting the panel above the door in the right hand corner.

You then need to go and activate your panel and Nico will do hers at the same time, this will open the door. Go through the door and follow the path all the way round to the right and into the door at the end. On the right hand side is a circular hole, place the plate in there and then use the scarf… George will realize that he can’t hold the plate and get through the door so he asks Nico to help. She will hold the plate in place and you can go through.

Go into the centre and collect the stone, return back to Nico and then head back out. You’ll bump into Petra so you’ll need to run back quickly to avoid her shooting you and then get across the gap and back to the apartment.

Nico – Paris – Part 4

At the Theatre again, this time go downstairs to the basement floor and into the room that the shots came from on your earlier trip. Go through to the next room and Flap will attack you from behind. Press S to use the vase to knock him unconscious and continue into the next room. Take a look at the paper on the desk to discover a photo of a castle.

George – The Castle – Part 1

Talk to Nico about everything, look at the button on the gate and ask Nico to hold the button and distract the guard. Keep asking her until eventually she will kiss the guard and you can sneak inside. Once inside, climb over the left wall and then over the next left wall, wait until the guard on the right has moved to stand underneath the building and then move up the steps to the left and into the next area.

Head down and to the right whilst the spotlight is on the other side (if it catches you you’ll get shot). Examine all the bins and you’ll find a piece of string, a half eaten burger and a piece of aluminum foil. Continue round against the wall avoiding the spotlight and go through the archway.

Push the top block from the left to move it across. Then move the single lower block round to the right hand side of the two crates and push the top crate again so that it is next to the wall. Climb up and over the wall and walk to the far end of the pathway until you come to a ledge. Climb up and walk round to the right, climb down again once you’ve gone as far as you can. Shimmy along to the right and then climb up and up again. Then climb down and walk across and over a small wall and along the ledge. Drop down and keep to the back wall, slip past the guard and through the doorway.

Head through the doorway to the right and keep as close to the steps as possible to enable you to get past the guard and into the opposite doorway. Push the crate closest to the wall against the left hand wall; you’ll need to move the other crates so you can do this. Then climb up and onto the wall.

Look at the dog in the cage and give it the burger. Then creep (CTRL) past the guard by staying in the shadows. Then go back down to the gate and speak to Nico – she’ll suggest finding a Remote.

Go over to the Jeep – follow the wall right round and you’ll find the remote control on the dashboard. Use the remote to open the gate and then ask Nico to hold the button to the cage in the corner. Go in and pick up the piece of coal and the metal rod. Go back to the Jeep and use the rod on the winch. Take the handbrake of the Jeep and push it against the wall, you can now climb up onto the bonnet and up onto the roof.

Look at the drainpipe, George will climb up and you’ll be left playing as Nico below.

Nico – The Castle – Part 2

Pick up the bracket and climb back off the roof and off the Jeep, go over to the single car on the left and climb onto the bonnet and use the bracket on the window before climbing through.

Walk up the stairs and through the door, you’ll then watch the guards talking about Petra. Go up the stairs and the floor will squeak, hide behind the plant when the guard comes up to investigate. Then head round the left side and into the red carpeted corridor, open the very last door which is Petra’s bedroom and open the chest by the bed and pick up the hairdryer and then open the chest behind the screen to discover a brown wig. Examine the chest more closely and you’ll discover a hidden compartment, use the pencil to leaver this open and take the sharpening stone.

Go back downstairs, cross the room behind the guards and staying in the shadows. Go through the door and you’ll be in the kitchen. Speak to the chef and try to take his vegetables and the bleach on the shelf. Give the chef the sharpening stone and you can take the bleach while his back is turned. Leave and go back to Petra’s bedroom.

Go into the bathroom and put the wig in the sink, pour the bleach on and then use the hairdryer to dry it. Nico can then put the wig on and go downstairs.

George – The Castle – Part 3

You’re now back to George on the roof looking for a way in so push the crate from the corner up against the flat wall opposite the steps and the door. Climb up the wall and then follow the steps up to the locked door. Head to the right and push the gargoyle off the ledge. Follow the path round the building and when you reach the balcony drop down onto it. Then on the right hand side grasp the ledge and shimmy along until you get to the end. Jump down onto the new roof and you can then climb through the window. You’ll find yourself in another store room and with another crate puzzle.

Push the second level crate and then pull the crate that you just freed back as far as you can. Push it upwards into the space between the grey crate and the brown crate. Then get onto the crates and pull the second level crate backwards and onto the crate you just moved. Then get off the crates and pull the crate by the window out so that you can go through it.

Follow the path down into the garden area and head through the broken wall directly to the right, Look at the drainpipe and pick up the tin cup and go back upstairs to where the crates are. There’s an oil lamp on the left wall, use it and oil will start to drip out, collect some in the cup, switch the lamp back off and head back down to the garden. You’ll see a grate against the wall in the garden. Use the oil on the hinges and you can open it and go inside.

Nico – The Castle – Part 4

Speak to both guards by the stairs and then go and look at the security door and swipe slot before speaking to the guard at the desk. Ask him where Bruno is and about the door. Then head outside to find the head of Security, go through the right hand archway down the steps and past the guard where there are two small alleyways. The Head of Security is on the other side. Speak to him to gain your security card.

Head back inside the castle and try to use your card on the security door; the guard at the desk will tell you that you need to get it validated, so head across the hall and into the door opposite. Ask the woman sitting at the computer desk to validate the card. Pick up the card and go back and use it on the security door.

Go down the stairs and follow the path round past the cell. When you get to the fire extinguisher Nico will hear footsteps and pick up the extinguisher.

George – The Castle – Part 5

Now you’re George again and he’s stuck in the Laundry room. Pull the old washing machine out from the corner and push it onto the trolley on the other side of the room. Then push the trolley and it will break down the door. Follow the path round past the security door and you’ll run into Nico.

Go back to the security door and get Nico to use her security card on the door. Open it and go inside. Take a look in the cupboard and George can disguise himself to look like a guard. Leave and head right, after a short discussion with the guard he will open the door.

Head down the stairs, past the security door and into the open cell. Basically push the crates so you can push the second level crate up against the wall and then listen at the grate. You can then talk to Bruno.

Watch Sussarro and Petra discuss the key and then use the coin on the grate. Try to get through the gap and ask Nico to climb through. Go back to the security door and into the office. Take a look at the secret door and speak to Nico about it. Look at the desk and you’ll find a secret button, press the button and the secret door will open. Go through and leave the castle. You’ll watch the helicopter take Bruno away and then you’ll be back at Vernon’s apartment.

George – Montfaucon

Look at the workman’s tool bag and you’ll see a sewer key to open the sewer grate. Head round to the front of the lorry and switch off the man’s machine which is powering the drill, head back round the other side of the lorry and borrow the sewer key while he’s not looking. Try to use the sewer key on the grate and the man will tell you that it’s been sealed down.

Speak to the workman about everything and then head across the square and talk to the woman cleaning the urinals. Use the urinals and then climb up onto the scaffolding from the right hand side, then climb up the ladder jump across and the woman will spot you and tell you to get down. Go back and talk to her again until she gets up and goes to inspect the urinals, climb back up the scaffolding again and once you’ve jumped the gap climb down and collect the robe. Come back down and go back across the square.

Tie the rope to the sewer key and then use it on the grate. Then go and talk to Alphonso the driver and this will open the sewer cover. Climb down the ladder and then across the small bridge follow the pathway round and use the stone cylinder on the skull and this will open a secret door.

Follow the pathway right round and you’ll come to a door with two of Sussarro’s guards behind it. Head back, take the turning and then follow the blood trail and go in the right hand side doorway. Check out all the bodies, you’ll find a key on the one behind the door and examine the microwave. Then head back out and down to the end of the corridor, where you’ll find a guard.

Head back into the room and switch the microwave on, dash across to hide in the room opposite and the guard will come down. Wait for him to go inside and then shut the door and lock it using the key.

Then head back down into the kitchen, follow the blood trail until you reach the wine racks and the trail stops. You’ll need to then pull the wine bottles in the order of St Stefan’s journey (See your notes). The order is Green – Israel, Red (left) – Italian, Red (right) – German, White – French, Blue – Berentoires

The door will open and a man will tell you to protect the others, head up the stairs and through the door. Look at the broken clock on the floor and open the door. You’ll find yourself in the chapel. You need to get across to the other side so time it right past the guards and open the door.

Look at the clock and try the numbers, then go to the middle statue and look at the plaque, you now need to creep back across to the pulpit and go in there and read the bible. This will give you the time for the clock, so creep back across and put the numbers into the clock. Head through the open doorway and you’ll meet the Preceptor, he will knight you and you can then go back to Vernon’s.

Speak to Nico about everything and she’ll show you a map of Egypt. Use the Psi stone, then the Omega stone and then the Alpha stone to pinpoint the place in Egypt you need to go to.

George – Egypt – Part 1

Watch Nico run across and then follow her using the right timing to avoid being shot by the guards. Once round the back talk to Nico and then examine the stone. Use the car jack handle to open the secret door and then insert all three stones (Omega, Psi and Alpha) to open the door. You’ll then be directed to solve a puzzle by Horus.

You need to move the pieces in the following order:

Killer, then return, Brother, Killer, Witness, then return and collect the Killer.

Head through the open doorway, follow the actions required quickly to knock out Flap and Sussaro. Then watch as the Grand Master escapes with Petra. Head up the stairs and round the balcony until you come to the bomb. Press S quickly to jump over the balcony when the bomb explodes.

Collect the Key of Solomon from the control panel and you’ll now need to get down into the sunken part of the floor at the base of the globe and push the block that is there and then climb out. You’ll need to move the block that is in the sunken floor too so that it creates a bridge for you to use to push the other block over so that it is by Nico.

Then push the block back as far as you can and pull it across in front of the control panel. Move the block in the sunken floor into alignment with the top block so that you can push the top block over on to the right hand side of the sunken floor. Then push the block right back against the wall and climb up onto the ledge and then up again. Nico and Bruno will follow you.

Once back inside the room with Horus, go to use the control panel. Nico will stop George from sacrificing himself and while they are arguing Bruno will sacrifice himself.

George – Glastonbury – Part 2

Head up the road and look at the blockade, then head right through the open gates, you’ll then need to move the crates to allow you to climb up and through the gap on the wall. You’ll then meet Petra and Nico will say she will deal with this so George runs on to stop the Grand Master. He will turn into a Dragon when you get there and George will fall through the cracks in the floor and end up in a tomb. Walk down to the sword and look at the inscription, then take the sword and you’ll be transported back up to defeat the dragon. Use the walls to hide and avoid the fire balls as you run up to kill the dragon. Once you reach the dragon use the sword and this will slay it.

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