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PlayStation / PSOne - Driver 2 Cheats

Hidden Vehicles

Buick (Chicago): Press the switch to open the Baseball Stadium and you'll find the Buick in the car park.

Mini (Havana): Neat the West Tunnel press the switch to open a secret car park, go through the tunnel and you'll find the Mini on a raised platform.

Pick-Up Truck (Las Vegas): Press the switch south of the Tropicana by the fence, this will open the gate and you'll find the Pick-Up Truck inside.

Truck (Rio): At the North edge of the map, press the switch to open the gates by the hump shaped piece of road. Inside the Docks you'll find the Truck.

Las Vegas Area: At the bottom of map, to the east of the airport, there is a big curve. Between the buildings at the curve, you'll find a ramp that leads over and into construction site.

Thanks to Daniel Collier

No Felony: In Rio look at the map and there will be a big lake and at the top right of it there is a police station,go to it.When your there it is on the very corner and next to it is a small building. On the police station wall facing the small building walk to the end on the left and press TRIANGLE on the door and you will get a cheat. Then in the options go to gameplay and then to secret and its in there.

Thanks to Jamie Donald

Get a Yellow Dodge Viper: In Chicago Go to the very north, Wrigleyville and go to baseball stadium and into the ticket office which is outside the stadium and press TRIANGLE. The gates will unlock in the opposite corner, go through the gates, walk up the steps and follow the path to get to the car.

Thanks to James Graves, Tanner, Steve, Seuss, Jonathan Bettes

Get Out of the Car: Press UP TRIANGLE a few times and you will get out. If a car is parked up, go to its door and press TRIANGLE to get in it.

Thanks to David Nuttall

Reset Felony: Get out of the car and get into a diferent one.

Thanks to Albert Perry

If you want to get into a police car then approach it slowly then bump into the back of it quite hard the it will stop. now get out of your car and get in the police car.

Thanks to Joseph Carr-Archer

Get a Pink & White Buggy: In Havana, go south through the south tunnel and there should be a road to your right. Follow that road, when you come to a dead end, take a right onto the grass. You should come to a little post,Get out of your car, and push triangle while in front of the post. Go back to the dead end and go through the gate, follow the next road and you will come to the maze. Go through the maze. When you are at the bottom of the maze, the car is on a raised platform. There is a red button on the wall, push it. The raised platform will come down. Get into the pink car and you are free! (:

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