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PlayStation / PSOne - Grand Theft Auto Cheats

Enter the players name as below, for the following:

No PoliceCHUFF
All WeaponsGROOVY
All Cities, All Weapons infinite, 99 LivesTHESHIT
Just about everythingBSTARD
Follow the red arrows to meet BossesHANGTHEDJ
All Cities and WeaponsMADEMAN
Armour, All Weapons, Get out of Jail FreePEKINPAH
Skip City, 9999990 pointsWEYHEY
Display Co-ordinatesBLOWME
Maximum Wanted LevelEATTHIS
Liberty CityFECK
Liberty City and San AndreasTVTAN
All Levels except Vice City 2URGE
First 2 CitiesCAPRICE
X5 MultiplierEXCREMENT

Extra Car Bombs - Dive into the shop and even though the guy says that you don't have enough money he'll still give you the bomb.

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