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PlayStation / PSOne - Final Fantasy VII (7) Cheats

Aeris cannot be revived and to find knights of the round go up to the north west of the map into a hidden island.

Adam Bicknell (21/11/99)

Easy Chocobo Race's: Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 throughout the race to give your chocobo a bit more speed.

Produce 99 Items: First you must have the W-item materia and at least 2 of the items you wish to produce. When you are in battle, highlight the item you wish to produce and press (CIRCLE x3) CROSS then continue to press CIRCLE CROSS repeatedly.

Barrets lucky sevens cheat: Get Barret to level 70 and equip him with the missing score and wizard bracelet, then give him the following: 5xHP plus (1 star), summon phoenix (2 stars), Time (2 stars), Barrier (3 stars), Full cure (2 stars) and Destruct (3 stars). Using this combination Barret gets a HP of 7777 allowing him to inflict 7777 damage in a physical attack.

Enemy skill chocobuckle: You need to have the L4 suicide enemy skill. Go to the chocobo stables and buy 2 mimmett greens. Go to the tracks near Mideeland and wander around. Eventually a Chocobo will appear. Kill off all but one of the enemies with the Chocobo still there (you can feed it any types of greens exept Mimmetts up to this point). Feed the Chocobo one of the Mimmett greens and use the L4 suicide skill on the enemy and the Chocobo. The Chocobo will now use chocobuckle on the person who casted the L4 suicide skill.

All Enemy Skill

Star/enemy skill/learnt from/location
01/Frog song/touch me/Gongaga
02/L4 suicide/Mu/Chocobo farm area
03/magic hammer/razor weed/western continent
04/White wind/Zemzelett/Junon district
05/Big guard/beach plug/costa del sol beach
06/Angels whisper/Pollen salitas/northern crater
07/Dragon force/dark dragon/north crater
08/Death force/Adamantai/west continent beach
09/flame thrower/ark dragon/mythril mine
10/laser/death claw/coral prison
11/Matra magic/custom sweeper/midgar area
12/Bad breath/malboro/gaies cliff
13/Beta/Midgar zolom/Chocobo farm
14/Aqualung/Harpy/gold saucer area
15/Trine/materia keeper/Nibel mountains
16/Magic breath/stilve/frozen mountains
17/????/Jersey/Nibel mansion
18/Goblin punch/goblin/goblin island
19/Chocobuckle/chocobo/middel chocobo tracks
20/L5 death/Parasite/north crater
21/Death sentence/bound fat/zango valley
22/Roulette/death deale/north crater
23/Shadowflare/weapons,dragon zombie/north crater
24/Pandoras box/dragon zombie/north crater

Triple magic: Give all your characters the reflect status, then cast any attack spell on all three of your characters at the same time. The spell will then bounce 3 times of your characters and hit your enemy 3 times , each with the power of a full spell. WARNING: Don't believe all the rumours about being able to play as Sephiroth. You can only do that on the 100% japanese version of the game.

Submitted by Goatee on 4th August 2000

Bahmut Zero Materia - Enter CIRCLE SQUARE (CROSS x2) when in the rocket with Cid, then go to the Cosmo Canyon and Budenhagen, here you should look at the blue materia.

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