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PlayStation / PSOne - Tekken 2 Cheats

Big Heads and Hands - When the start screen shows up hold SELECT until fight starts. To get bigger when you win both rounds against someone hold SELECT until fight starts. When playing press SELECT to increase the size.

Submitted by Travis Woods on 17/03/00

Big Head Mode: If you want this then you will first need to obtain ALL of the hidden players in the game. Start again, but this time when you select a fighter hold down the Select button. Keep hold of the Select button until the first round begins. By this time your finger may be getting sore, but at least your player will have a big head!

Bigger Head Mode: Perform the Big Head Mode as outlined above. If you are in arcade mode then you will need to hold the Select button when you get the continue screen. Or if you are in Vs mode, then go back to the player selection screen and hold down the Select button again whilst choosing a fighter. Both versions will lead to your player getting arms and their head bigger than previously thought possible.

Play As Kazuya - Complete the game with the basic characters and then complete Arcade Mode once using a sub boss.

Play As Devil/Angel - Complete Arcade Mode using Kazuya.

New Outfits - When selecting your fighter press the kick or punch button for a different outfit.

Wire Frame Mode - On the Character Selection screen hold down L1 and L2 until the game starts.

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