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PlayStation / PSOne - Tekken 3 Cheats

To get Gon, try to get Tekken Ball Mode. At the first round if you beat him then you get him.

Patrik (09/12/99)

Secret Characters - Complete the game in Arcade Mode for the ? time to unlock the following characters:

1st - Kuma
2nd - Julia
3rd - Gun Jack
4th - Mokujin
5th - Anna
6th - Bryan
7th - Ogre
8th - True Ogre

Tekken ball and theatre mode - Complete arcade mode with all the normal characters to get these extra options.

Extra Special Characters:

Fight as Panda - Highlight Kuma at the selection screen and press CROSS or CIRCLE.

Fight as Tiger - Complete the game with all eighteen characters and then highlight Eddy on the selection screen and press START.

Fight as Doctor B - Complete tekken force mode 3 times.Then play through it 1 more time and you will fight Doctor B. at the very end.Beat him to add him to the selection screen.

Alternate Costumes - Press either the kick or punch buttons while choosing a character. This will work for most characters. Some of the characters also have a third extra costume which can be choosen by pressing START while selecting your character.

Xiaoyu: To get her school uniform you must play her 50 times in arcade mode.
Jin: To get his rugby kit,you must play him 50 times in arcade mode.
Anna: Play her 25 times in arcade mode to get her white tiger outfit.
Gunjack: Play him 10 times in arcade mode to get his camoflauge outfit.

Submitted by Goatee on 3rd August 2000

Record or Replay Combo - In Practice Mode choose freestyle and press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + CIRCLE on the freestyle options menu. Then press DOWN + SELECT to record or replay the combo.

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