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PlayStation / PSOne - WWF Warzone Cheats

Open all movies - At the press start screen press UP + TRIANGLE, RIGHT + CIRCLE, DOWN + CROSS, LEFT + SQUARE in that order 2 times, then press (L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 x2). Now movies should appear above the start screen. NOTE: after one movie is finished press CROSS.

Submitted by Christian Christ on 05/04/00

Random Wrestler - At the character select screen hold UP and press CROSS.

Christopher "koolio" Alcock (07/06/99)

Alternate Costumes - Hold down L2 whilst selecting a wrestler under medium or hard difficulty setting.

Play as Sue - Win the WWF title in challenge mode with either Brett Hart or Owen Hart with medium or hard difficulty setting. The ring girl will now be available as a custom wrestler.

Big Head Mode - Win the WWF title in challenge mode with either British Bulldog or The Rock with medium or hard difficulty setting. N.B. Blocking is disabled.

Play as Turok - Win the WWF title in challenge mode with the trainer on hard difficulty.

When on challenge mode in medium or hard difficulty win the WWF Title with the following fighters to get the following extras.

Mankind - Play as Cactus Jack and Dude Love
H H H or Shawn Michaels - Ladies night Feature (select female body type under creation mode)
Kane - Extra shirts, trousers, masks, pants, jackets etc. available under creation mode.
Ken Shamrock or Farooq - No Wimps Mode (N.B. Blocking is disabled)
Mosh or Thrasher - Belching and Farting enabled
Goldust - Extra costumes for Goldust
Ahmed Johnson - Opponents head will swell as there damage goes up.
Stone Cold Steve Austin - Extra costumes for Stone Cold

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