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PlayStation / PSOne - WWF Attitude Cheats

Play a hardcore match with a created character, pause the game and press UP DOWN UP LEFT RIGHT CIRCLE SQUARE and you will get a shield around you so they can't hit you.


Alternative Costumes - To get alternative costumes on all wrestlers hold down L1, L2, R1 or R2 while selecting your character then press CROSS as normal while still holding one of the above (each of the shoulder buttons holds a different costume).

Wayne Hann (13/10/99)

Win these titles in career mode for the extra bonuses:

European Title: Unlocks Marc Mero,Sable,Trainer,more creation cheats and squeeky mode.
Intercontinental Title: Unlocks Chyna,Jaqueline,Extra attributes and big head mode.
Federation Title: Unlocks Head,beep mode and ego mode.
Summer Slam PPV: Unlocks Shawn michaels and sgt.slaughter.
Royal Rumble: Unlocks Jerry lawler and Paul bearer.
King Of The Ring: Unlocks Taka and Kurragan.

Random character select: Press R1 at the character selection screen.

Submitted by Goatee on 19th June 2000

Play as Referee - Win the Career Mode as Stone Cold
Play as Sable - Win the WWF title with a female wrestler.
Play as Shane - Win the WWF title with a male wrestler.
Play as Chyna - Win the game with Triple H
Play as Test - Win the game with Chyna
Play as Jerry Lawler - Win the game with Owen Hart
Play as B. Christopher - Win the game with Jerry Lawler

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