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PlayStation / PSOne - Syphon Filter 2 Cheats

Hard Mode - Select one player mode on the main screen and press and hold SQUARE CIRCLE L1 R2 SELECT UP and CROSS all at once.

Super Agent Mode - Go to the weaponry screen and press and hold L2 SELECT CIRCLE SQUARE CROSS to make any shot lethal.

Submitted by on 30/03/00

Level Select - Pause the game, highlight 'Map' and hold down RIGHT L2 R2 CIRCLE SQUARE CROSS all at once. Go to the options screen and select Cheats.

Submitted by David Jones on 26/05/00

Defeating Gregorov in the park - Shoot out all four of the lights and you will then be able to sneak up on him and taser him.

Aquire H11 sniper rifle in first level - When you find Chance in the first level, drop to the gap in the waterfall and drop down into a small cave.Walk forward and you will find a fully loaded H11 sniper rifle.

Unlock bonus movies:
Play on hard mode up to level:
1)Level 6
2)Level 12
3)Level 17
4)Complete the game on hard.

Mission secrets:
L1)Collect the H11 gun under waterfall.
L3)Collect the binoculars from the first power room.
L8)Kill Archer with one shot to unlock jungle level.Complete level in under 3 minutes to unlock characters from the first game.
L9)Collect girlie mag from the locker room.
L11)Kill all three guards on the dance floor before they throw grenades.
L12)Collect Pk102 from one of the 2 white cars.
L13)Collect the biz-2 from the car.
L15)Complete the level without using the crossbow.
L18)Enter the operating room.
L19)Collect the dirty laundry from the washers.
L20)In the car park,work your way to the top of the stairs to collect the M-79 from the crate to unlock SF 2 characters.

Submitted by Goatee on 20/05/00

Speed Boost - Pick up three homing missiles and then press (UP x3) and fire your machine gun. This will fire a rocket that will attach itself to your car and increase your vehicles speed.

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