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XBox - Need For Speed: Underground Cheats

NFS Underground Cheats

Enter the following codes at the Main Menu:

Unlock All Circuit TracksDOWN (R x3) (BLACK x3) X
Unlock All Drift TracksRIGHT (UP x3) (DOWN x3) L
Unlock All Sprint TracksUP (BLACK x3) RIGHT (DOWN x3)
Unlock Drift Physics in All ModesR (UP x3) (DOWN x3) L

Unlockable Courses - To unlock the following bonus courses complete corresponding events.

Alpine TrailChampionship Event 22 / Ultimate Racer Event 15
Ancient Ruins IIUltimate Racer Event 12
Autumn CrossingUltimate Racer Event 17
Autumn Crossing IIUltimate Racer Event 14
Calypso CoastUltimate Racer Event 10
Calypso Coast IIUltimate Racer Event 26
Coastal ParklandsChampionship Event 4
Desert Heat IIChampionship Event 25
Fall Winds IIChampionship Event 24
Island Outskirts IIChampionship Event 8
Mediterranean Paradise IIChampionship Event 14
National ForestChampionship Event 1
National Forest IIUltimate Racer Event 6
OutbackChampionship Event 11
Outback IIUltimate Racer Event 25
Palm CityUltimate Racer Event 28
Palm City IIUltimate Racer Event 29
Rocky CanyonsChampionship Event 27
Rocky Canyons IIChampionship Event 9
Scenic Drive IIChampionship Event 6
Tropical CircuitChampionship Event 29
Tropical Circuit IIChampionship Event 28

Points for 360 in Drift: When you are in drift mode you can get some extra points for doing doughnuts. Hold one direction and the handbrake and gas and let go of the handbrake after a second. You'll just sit there and do doughnuts. This won't get you massive points but it's something.

Code Breaker Cheats:

Enable Code (Must Be On) - FA7A006E 329F9E39

Infinite Nitrous Usage - 2A77342B 44801000 2A633425 00000000

Always Max Nitrous Turbo - 2A0B3FC1 2403270F 2AF73FC1 AE2303F0 2AF33FC1 AE2303F8 2A77342B 44801000 2A633425 00000000

Max Total Style Points - 2A470ABF 05F5E0FF

Max Total Starts - 2A6F09A6 05F5E0FF

Max Total Wins - 2A6B09A6 05F5E0FF

No Total Losses - 2A5709A6 00000000

Max Total Sprint Starts - 2A5309A6 05F5E0FF

Max Total Sprint Wins - 2A5F09A6 05F5E0FF

Max Total Sprint Style Points - 2A5B09A6 05F5E0FF

Max Total Drag Starts - 2A4709A6 05F5E0FF

Max Total Drag Wins - 2A4309A6 05F5E0FF

Max Total Drag Style Points - 2A4F09A6 05F5E0FF

Max Total Drift Starts - 2A4B09A6 05F5E0FF

Max Total Drift Wins - 2A3709A6 05F5E0FF

Max Total Drift Style Points - 2A3309A6 05F5E0FF

Max Total Circuit Starts - 2A3F09A6 05F5E0FF

Max Total Circuit Wins - 2A3B09A6 05F5E0FF

Max Total Circuit Style Points - 2A2709A6 05F5E0FF

Unlock Everything - 4AF47206 C4B31102 08210A03 00000000

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