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Playstation 2 / PS2 - Medal Of Honour: Frontline Cheats

Go to the Password Screen in the Options Menu and enter the following codes into the Enigma Machine. When you enter the code correctly you will see a green light, the letters will flash and the strange effect will be available.

Achilles Head - G L A S S J A W - Nazi's can only be killed by being shot in the head.
Bullet Shield - B U L L E T Z A P - Any bullets fired at you will have no effect.
Collect Gold Star - M O N K E Y
Enemies are Invisible - W H E R E R U - All you can see are their hats and rifles
Men With Hats - H A B R D A S H R
Photon Torpedo - T P D O M O H T O N
Perfectionist - U R T H E M A N - Nazi's can kill you with one shot.
Rubber Grenades - B O I N G
Silver Bullet Mode - W H A T Y O U G E T - Allows you to kill enemies with one shot.
Sniper Mode - L O N G S H O T - Allows you to zoom all guns like a sniper.
Collect Previous Gold Star - T I M E W A R P - Complete previous mission with a Gold Star.

Level Codes

Enter these codes into the Enigma Machine

Mission 2 - O R A N G U T A N
Mission 3 - B A B O O N
Mission 4 - C H I M P A N Z E E
Mission 5 - L E M U R
Mission 6 - G O R I L L A

Bonus FMVs - Enter the following in the Enigma Machine

FMV 1 - B A C K S T A G E O
FMV 2 - B A C K S T A G E R
FMV 3 - B A C K S T A G E F
FMV 4 - B A C K S T A G E I
FMV 5 - B A C K S T A G E S

Invinsibility - Pause the game and press SQUARE L1 CIRCLE R1 TRIANGLE L2 SELECT R2. If you have entered the code correctly your game will unpause. You must re-enter the code at the start of each level.

Infinite Ammo - Pause the game and press CIRCLE L2 CIRCLE L1 SELECT R2 TRIANGLE SELECT. If you have entered the code correctly the game will unpause automatically. You will need to re-enter this code at the start of each level.

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