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PlayStation / PSOne - Metal Gear Solid Cheats

Alternative Clothing - Complete the game with one ending, then resume this save and complete the game with the other ending. Resume the save you get at the end of the second completion. Now when Snake takes off his diving gear he will be wearing a Tuxedo. Play through the game again and then resume the save you get at the end. Snake will now be wearing a Ninja outfit.

Meryl in her Pants -
1. Look down on her from the air vent above her cell, then go back, leave the vent and then re-enter. Now look at her again, repeat this and each time she will be doing different exercises. On the fourth visit she will have removed her trousers.
2. When in the ladies toilets in the Nuke Building move to the last cubicle really quickly and if you are in first person view you can see Meryl's pants when she's changing.

Shy Meryl - Look at meryl in first person view and soon she will go red and say stuff like what...what is it?

( on 02/07/99)

Codec Frequency Signals

Colonel Roy Campbell - 140.85
Deepthroat - 140.48
Master Miller- 141.80
Mei Ling - 140.96
Meryl - 140.15
Nastasha Romanenko - 141.52
Otacon/Emmerich - 141.12

TIP - To go through Beams,equip stealth and you will be able to go through the beams and not get caught.

Ross 3:16 (28/11/99)

Automatic Aim - Beat the touture without giving up the game (you save Meryl and she finds the Bandana). Save and then restart. Get the FA-MAS rifle and use all the bullets except the red ones. Your gun will now aim automatically.

Sean (31/05/99)

Infinite Ammo - Complete the game on easy mode after passing the torture test. You'll now get a save option allowing you to save your game with the bandana and therefore allowing you to have infinite ammo with any hand-held weapon.

Invisibility - Complete the game on easy mode after failing the torture test (press select). You'll be able to save your game and start again with the Stealth Camouflage unit. Snake is now invisible to enemies.


Infinite Lives - 800B7526 0600
Infinite Air - 800AE1AC 0400
Gas Mask - 800B7568 0001
Bandana - 800B7570 0001
Camera - 800B7572 0001
Mine Detector - 800B7580 0001
Rope - 800B7584 0001
Handkerchief - 800B7586 0001
Body Armour - 800B756A 0001
FA-MAS - 800B7534 03E7 800B7548 03E7
Grenades - 800B7536 03E7 800B754A 03E7
Socom Pistol - 800B7532 03E7 800B7546 03E7
Stun Grenades - 800B7540 03E7 800B7554 03E7
Chaff Grenades - 800B7542 03E7 800B7556 03E7
Sniper Rifle - 800B7544 03E7 800B7558 03E7
Time Bomb - 800B757E 0000

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