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XBox - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 Cheats

Unlock Target World Challenge: Enter the code sherwood target in all lowercase letters to unlock the Target World Challenge in game modes.

Cheat Codes: Enter the following cheat codes as passwords:

Play as Sunday Tiger4REDSHIRTS
Play as Ace AndrewsACEINTHEHOLE
Play as Dominic 'The Don' DonatelloDISCOKING
Play as Solita LopezSHORTGAME
Play as Hamish 'Mulligan' McGregorDWILBY
Play as Takeharu 'Tsunami' MotoEMERALDCHAMP
Play as Val SummersBEVERLYHILLS
Play as 'Yosh' TanigawaTHENEWLEFTY
Play as Cedric the EntertainmentCEDDYBEAR
Play as Downtown BrownDTBROWN
Play as Edwin 'Pops' MastertonEDDIE
Play as Moa 'Big Mo' Ta'a VatuERUPTION
Play as Erica Ice SherwoodICYONE
Unlock All Courses and GolfersTHEKITCHENSINK
Unlock All CoursesALLTHETRACKS
Unlock Target World ChallengeTARGET

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