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XBox - SSX 3 Cheats

Go to the Options Menu and then Enter Cheat (these cheat codes are case sensitive)

Play as Brodizenmaster
Play as Bunny Sanwheresyourtail
Play as Canhuckgreatwhitenorth
Play as Churchilltankengine
Play as Cudmoremilkemdaisy
Play as Eddieworm
Play as Gutlessboneyardreject
Play as Hiroslicksuit
Play as Jurgenbrokenleg
Play as Lutherbronco
Play as Martyback2future
Play as NW Legendcallhimgeorge
Play as Snowballsbetyouveneverseen
Play as Stretchwindmilldunk
Play as Svelte Luthernotsosvelte
Play as Unknownfinallymadeitin
Unlock All Accessoriesshoppingspree
Unlock All Artnaturalconcept
Unlock All Boardsgraphicdelight
Unlock All Posterspostnobills
Unlock All Toysnogluerequired
Unlock All Trading Cardsgotitgotitneedit
Unlock All Videosmyeyesaredim

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