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Playstation 2 / PS2 - Ratchet and Clank 2: Locked and Loaded Cheats

Collect the following number of Skill Points to some get great goodies:

5Big Head (Ratchet)
7Rux Skin Costume
10Big Head (Clank)
12Mirrored Levels
15Big Heads (NPC)
20Clown Costume

Collect the following number of Skill Points to unlock these paint jobs:

3Paint Jobs
10Space Storm
10Super Paint jobs
10Warp Streak
15Dark Nebula
15Silent Strike
15Solar Wind
18Scoop Nose
19Neutron Star
19Star Traveller
25Lunar Eclipse
29Insomniac Special
29Split Nose

Unlockables - Complete the tasks for these extra bonuses:

All Mega WeaponsGet a weapon's second form and then buy from vendors in Challenge Mode
All PaintingsUnlock Random Goodies Menu
All Ultra WeaponsUpgrade Mega Weapons
Challenge ModeComplete the Game
Clank's Day at InsomniacCollect all Weapons, Mods and Upgrades
Endorsement DealsCollect all Weapons, Mods and Upgrades
First Half of Secrets MenuPlay the Challenge Mode
Random Goodies MenuPlay Challenge Mode
Second Half of Secrets MenuGet all the Second Form Weapons and mods
Sheep BlastersCollect all the Skill Points
Space InvadersUnlock the Random Goodies Menu

Snow Skin Costume - Complete all 60 levels of the 'Impossible Challenge' in the Megacorp Games Arena.

Extra Weapons - Using a completed game save from the first Ratchet and Clank game you can access five returning weapons.

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