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XBox - James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Cheats

Unlock Golden Gun: At the pause screen, enter B, Y, A, B, Y

Unlockable: Arena Mode Play through the cooperative missions and acquire multiplayer points by completing the optional objectives.

Single-Player Unlockables: Unlock the following by earning the appropriate number of Platinum Medals, earned by completing objectives.

All Weapons: 17 Platinum Medals
Cloak: 13 Platinum Medals
Double Ammo: 7 Platinum Medals
Double Damage: 9 Platinum Medals
Full Ammo: 11 Platinum Medals
Full Battery: 15 Platinum Medals
Golden Gun: 1 Platinum Medal
Improved Battery: 5 Platinum Medals
Improved Traction: 3 Platinum Medals
Platinum Gun: 27 Platinum Medals
Slow Motion Driving: 25 Platinum Medals
Unlimited Ammo: 23 Platinum Medals
Unlimited Battery: 19 Platinum Medals

Multiplayer Unlockables - Unlock the following goodies by collecting the corresponding number of points:

Unlock 003290
Unlock Baren Samedi50
Unlock Diavolo Moscow400
Unlock Egypt Commander90
Unlock Egypt Guard180
Unlock Hazmat Guard110
Unlock Katya Jumpsuit320
Unlock Le Rouge260
Unlock Miss Nagai450
Unlock Moscow Guard230
Unlock Mya130
Unlock Odd Job70
Unlock Serena350
Unlock Serena430
Unlock South Commander210
Unlock Burn Chamber Level370
Unlock Cistern Level30
Unlock Test Lab Level160

A Couple of Tips

1) Crouching raises the chance of you not getting hit significantly.
2) Look for available cover at all times.
3) The Q Spider can unlock secret areas and items by crawling through open spaces and scouting.
4) Never charge into a open space without an automatic gun and lots of ammo.
5) Missiles are very easy to waste and can't be replenished so use them very sparingly.
6) Don't rely on hand-to-hand combat.
7) Always keep your P99 in reserve in case of emergencies.
8) You are a spy, this means you need to be silent, crouch, walk, and silently disable men.

No Medals With Cheats: If you activate a cheat, such as the Golden Gun, you will not be awarded a medal for completing the mission, no matter how well you do.

Regain Health: Crouch to slowly refill your health.

Train Chase Dirt Bike: At the beginning of the "Train Chase" mission, instead of taking a left to Bond's Porsche, turn right into a small room. Inside, you'll find a dirt bike and a slightly different path through the level.

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