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PlayStation / PSOne - Tomb Raider 2 Cheats

Level Skip - During the game side step left, side step right, side step left again, walk back one step then forward one step. Hold left or right to spin round three times. Now press (UP + SQUARE) and then CIRCLE immediately afterwards. This will perform a jump, with a mid-air roll and transport you to the next level.

Alastair Mckenzie (02/05/99)

All Ammo, Weapons and Med-Kits - During the game, follow the instructions above for the Level Skip and instead of jumping forwards, jump back and roll in mid air.

Alastair Mckenzie (04/05/99)

Exploding Lara - During the game, take one step forward, one back. Spin right three times and then do a jump forward or a backflip.

Marangric (19/01/00)

Unlimited Flares - When you run out of flares press TRIANGLE to draw your guns and then L2 to pull out a flare.

Farting Butler - Run into the back of the butler and then run about 3ft away. He will then fart.

Get Rid of the Butler - Go to the kitchen and open the freezer and go in. Wait for the Butler to arrive, when he comes in jump over him and lock him in.

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