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PlayStation / PSOne - Resident Evil 2 Cheats

Play as Hunk and Tofu A.You need 8 free blocks on your memory card and play the game four times with both characters in two scenarios in under 3 hours each.
B.You must also gain an A or B ranking (Don't save more than 3 times, don't use any f-aid sprays if you want an a).Save each game seperately, no overwriting.
C.Play Claire as above. This'll save as Leon B. Save on memory card position 1 on the memory card. Play as LEON A.This will save as CLAIRE B.Save on memory card position 2. Play LEON B, loading from memory card position 1.This will save as Claire A.Save it on memory card position 3. Now play Claire B, loading from memory card position 2. This will save as LEON A. Save the game on memory position 4.
D.Now along the way you would have been awarded with the Hunk save file. Save this on memory card position 5.
E.Now you have to play 2 more scenarios to finally obtain the TOFU. For these 2 scenarios you can use special weapons that you earned along the way(see infinte ammo weapons), but you need an A or B ranking as before with a total time less than 2.5 hours using no first aid sprays and no saves.
F.For these final 2 scenarios, do as follows :
Play as LEON A, loading from memory card position 4. This will save as CLAIRE B.Save this game in memory card position 6. Play CLAIRE B, loading it from memory card position 6 as above.This will save as LEON A,save this game on memory card position 7.
G.As soon as this is saved,you'll be given the TOFU save file. Save this to memory card position 8.

Alternate costumes - Start the first scenario on the normal setting and head for the police station without picking up any items on the way. You'll find Brad vicars back as a super zombie below the steps outside.Kill him and search him to find the special key. This key opens the locker in the save room next to the dark room. It contains alternate costumes for each character.

Infinite ammo weapons - It's possible to get them, but you must complete the game on the normal setting within the ristrictions for the chosen weapon.

Rocket launcher - Completion in under 2.5 hours with an A or B ranking.

Gatling gun - Completion in under 2.5 hours ,no saves,no first aid sprays with an A or B ranking.

Machine gun - Completion of second scenario in under 3 hours with an A or B ranking.

All three weapons - Second scenario in under 2.5 hours with an A or B ranking.

Unlock Rebecca Chambers Picture - Search the desk on the left side of the STARS office around 50 times and eventually you will find a roll of film. Take it to the dark room to develop a picture of Rebecca in a basketball uniform.

Submitted by Goatee on the 3rd August 2000

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