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PlayStation / PSOne - Resident Evil 3 Cheats

Mercanaries Mode: To acquire the Mercenaries mode you must complete the game on any difficulty with any grade. You basically can play as Carlos, Nicholi or Mickail and you have to get from the cable car to the warehouse within the time limit. You get awarded with money when you complete it so you can buy infinte ammo weapons and play them in the real game!

The Boutique Key: Complete the game to get the Boutique key.It opens up the boutique room next to the bar in the streets.If you complete the game on easy you will be able to get two new costumes from it.If you complete the game on hard then depending on your rank you can get up to five new costumes for Jill.

Submitted by Goatee on the 3rd August 2000

If you hold RIGHT at the beginning of the game ARRANGE will turn green then on that level if you take Jill you will have a better suit and gun you will also have more ammo if you take the man you will have double ammo.

Submitted by Dustin Gayler on 14th December 1999

Infinite Colt Python Ammo - Finish the game in advanced mode with the best ending and save. You'll have a colt python in your inventory with unlimited ammo.

Easy Execution - If you have time, aim your handgun at a zombie for a while, then shoot. You'll have a better chance of blasting off the head.

Infinite Rocket Launcher - Finish the game in 3 hours in any mode and save the ended game.

Submitted by PSX FREAK on 21st December 1999

Extra Ammo - Ammo you can get from combining gunpowder:

Gunpowder = ' '
A = 15 handgun bullets
AA = 35 handgun bullets
AAA = 55 handgun bullets
BBA = 66 handgun bullets
B = 7 shotgun shells
BB = 18 shotgun shells
AAB = 20 shotgun shells
BBB = 30 shotgunshells
C(A+B)= 10 grenade rounds
A+grenade round = 6 flamerounds
AC = 10 flame rounds
B+grenade round = 6 acid rounds
BC = 10 acid rounds
C+grenade round = 6 freezerounds
CC = 10 freeze rounds
CCC = 24 magnum bullets

Submitted by Goatee on 19th August 2000

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