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PlayStation / PSOne - Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Cheats

Spyro Demo - At the title screen press (UP x2) (DOWN x2) LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT SQUARE

Instant Aku Aku - During play press TRIANGLE CIRCLE CROSS SQUARE. N.B. This may only be used once per life

105% Completion - Get all the relics ( at least gold standard) and gems (including bonus level). Now go to the main area and go over to Coco, she will give you another clear gem.

Extra Lives - On the level Hang 'Em High get the time trial and go until you find an Aku-Aku box and the first guy on a flying carpet behind it. If you can get the Aku-Aku box and kill the guy on the flying carpet with one spin you will recieve a life. If you want more lives then drop of an edge and die but since it's time trial you won't lose a life.

Thanks to Matthew

Secret Place in Tell no Tales - Go to Tell No Tales and go across the yellow wall until there is a gap in the wall, there is also 3 lives in there.

Thanks to Lloyd Sloan

Bonus Levels

Hot Coco - About halfway through on level 14 you'll come across an "Alien Crossing" sign on the left hand side of the road, if you crash into it you'll be transported to a secret level.

Thanks to ben

Eggipus Rex - Take the yellow gem route on level 11 and allow the second dinosaur to catch you.

How To Get The Coloured Gems

To get the Yellow Gem go to Hang 'Em High, you can only get this gem by going through the special warp room. However this is only activated once you have defeated Dr. Neo Cortex.

To get the Red Gem enter Deep Trouble and make your way to a ! box near the end of the level. Activate it and then make your way back down the tunnel. You will come to a place with lots of TNT and metal boxes. Jump on top of the TNT and activate it, wait for them to blow and a new route will be revealed. Follow this path to get the Red Gem.

To get the Purple Gem you should go to High Time, here you should get on the platform marked with the skull and cross bones. However before you will be able to get on this platform (it needs to be solid) you will have to collect every relic, gem and crystal within this world (3).

To get the Blue Gem collect every gem, crystal and relic in World 4 and then enter Tomb Wader and get on the skull and crossbones platform. The path you will be taken to will lead you to the blue gem.

To get the Green Gem collect all the gems, crystal and relics in World 5 and get on the skull and crossbones platform in Flaming Passion. Then follow the path.

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