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PC - Discworld Cheats

Act I

Open the wardrobe and collect the pouch, then open the door and go to the Arch chancellor’s room, he will tell you about the dragon and send you to the library to get a copy of Featherwinkle’s Concise Compendium of Dragon Lairs.

Head back out and down to the library and question the ape, it will transpire that in order to get out the book you will need to obtain a library card Pass the librarian and also have a conversation with the sleazy guy in the back. Leave and go into the closet next door, collect the broom. Then go back up to Rincewind’s Room and use the broom on the luggage. Now back into the library and speak to the librarian again, this time about L Space and give him the banana (inside the luggage). The librarian will then get the book you need and you can then take this to the Arch Chancellor. You will now need to find, a Staff, a Magic Coil, a Metal Container, an Imp and some Dragon's Breath

So first off go into the Dining Room and swap your broomstick for Windlepoon's Staff. Then head downstairs and into the Kitchen, collect a banana and head outside. Speak to the Apprentice Wizard about everything. A frog will materialise in the pond, collect it and try to open the door, after a couple of tries at this Rincewind will kick it open.

Go to the Square and talk to the four ‘old hero’s’ about everything, then head right and talk to Dibbler about everything, before collecting the rotten tomato from the stall. Then continue right and speak to the street Urchin, he’ll steal your purse and after a short discussion suggest you try stealing from the ‘old hero’s’ – you’ll be pleasantly rewarded with one of the old guy’s bloomers for your troubles.

Now head back along to the right and head through the door with the sign saying Shingles, speak to everyone in there and then speak to the Amazon warrior and the Tax collector. You can also take pleasure in throwing that Tomato at him if you want. Head back past the Tomato stall and collect another rotten tomato and pick up the other highlighted tomato, watch as Rincewind drops it and then pick up the worm on the floor.

At the Broken Drum Inn, talk to the bouncer and then head inside and talk to the hublanders, talk to everyone including the guy in the corner, Braggart, then speak to the barman and order yourself a pint. Once you’ve drunk it pop the tankard in your luggage and pick up some matches from the bowl on the side of the bar.

Enter the Street are and go into the toy shop and pick up one of the pink toys from the pile, have a chat with the shopkeeper and then pick up the string on the counter. Leave and follow the street round, at the corner have a chat with the monk and try and open the door, then continue through the street. You’ll meet the fishmonger next, have a good chat with him about everything, then pick up the picture from behind his head and pop into the luggage.

Head further round the streets and into the next doorway – the hairdressers. Chat to the hairdresser, he’ll mention the milkmaid and also speak to his client. Check out the roller in her hair and then talk about her outdated hairstyle. She’ll get upset and ask the hairdresser to remove the roller. Then talk to the hairdresser and whilst he’s busy thinking about the Milkmaid, pick his pocket and collect the hair roller.

Then head back outside and speak to the beggar, leave the street and visit the Palace, listen to the guards’ conversation and then ask them all your questions, they’ll end up beating each other up and you can walk on in. Once inside speak to the witch, peasant and thief about everything and head past them and into the door on the left, walk past the bath and collect the little mirror on the wall (store this in Rincewind and not in the Luggage). Speak to the Fool about everything and then to the Patrician about everything too. Also make a quick visit to the city gate, speak to the guards and try to leave, you’ll discover you need a gate pass to do so.

Now head to the Alleyway, you’ll step onto a step that glows and will shoot you up onto the rooftop, once up there have a chat with the Chimney Sweep, climb up to the tower, you can see the dragon from here. After a short discussion with death, attach the mirror to the tip of the pole and then use it to attract the dragon’s attention. Climb back down and then follow the ladders and rooftops down to the ladder that crosses the street. Pick it up and then climb up to the window on the right hand side.

Once back in the street head down the alley and into the next doorway. Speak to the Alchemist and he’ll tell you about his new invention the ‘Clickies’ and he’ll mention that he has an imp in the camera painting the pictures. You’ll need to head over to the Livery Stables and grab some corn out of one of the sacks there and then head back to the Alchemists and put the corn into the flask on the sideboard. Once you’ve made popcorn, try to take the Imp, he is too quick and escapes down the drainpipe. Now go outside and attach string to the worm and dangle this outside the mouse’s hole and you will be able to catch the Imp.

Head back to the square and into the Psychiatrists. Pick up the butterfly net and speak to the Milkmaid, then go back to the university and go in the closet, use the matches to light the shape (it’s a candle), and collect the packet of starch off the shelves. Then go back outside and head round to the left outside the university and pick up one of the bags of fertilizer. Then put the ladder up against the window and use the butterfly net to catch the cook’s pancake. Once you’ve got it head inside and grab the frying pan that the cook has left in the kitchen.

Right so now head back to the Arch Chancellor and give him the Mirror, the Hair Roller, the Frying Pan, the Imp and the Wizard’s staff, he will put this all together to make a dragon detector. He will tell you to leave so distract him and take the detector, then head down to the bottom left corner of the map and you’ll find the dragon. He will tell you to collect the 6 trinkets from the Secret Brotherhood, so that he can be free from their evil spell.

Act II

Head back to the University, enter the library and look at the banana in the Sleazy guys’ ear. Swap it for all your treasure and then give the golden banana to the Librarian. He will open up the doorway to L-Space for you and you travel back to when the book was stolen. You’ll see the thief pinch the book and then go through a secret door, use the book on the shelf to open the secret door and then quickly follow the thief to discover where the Secret Hideout is.

Now go to the park and use the frog with the drunken Rincewind and then catch the butterfly with the net. Now go to the street, and use the butterfly with the lamp at the corner and pick up the pot. Head back to the hole and through L-Space to the present.

Head back to the little alley way by the Fishmonger and pick up the Monk’s robe. Then go to the Inn and collect the sheet from the bed. Now go back in time, go to the Inn, open the door and put on the sheet. Then pick up the Jewelry box, you’ll not be able to open it so head back to speak to the scared guy in the Broken Drum and you can prompt him for the extra information you’re missing, while there also take a look at the drinks behind the bar, one is counterwise wine. Ask the barman for a glass and then take the glass with you. Then go back to the Inn and scare him again, this time getting the Gate Pass.

Now go back to the Present and show your new Gate Pass to the guards to go into the Dark Woods, you’ll meet a chicken and the luggage will scare it off and you can pick up the egg and the feather. Then head to the right and back out of the pass and over to the Edge of the World, here pick up the lamp and shake the tree, a coconut will bounce off so use your net to fish it out of the water.

Now head back to Ankh Morpork and over to the barn where you can pick up the screwdriver. You can then use this to make a hole in the coconut. Now head back in time and go to the hideout. Turn the drainpipe by the door to the right and then wait quietly behind the fence and one of the Brotherhood will appear. Use your glass on the drainpipe and you will be able to hear the password. Now put on your black outfit and go and join them.

Afterwards, head over to the Square and speak to the Street Urchin, he will tell you about the secret handshake. Next go to the Psychiatrist’s and sit down, chat to the troll and then after a little while you will be told to go upstairs and you will be given two pictures by the Psychiatrist. Now go to the Palace and show the guards the pictures, then talk to the Peasant and he will tell you that the Thief has gone to the Shades.

Over to the University now, grab the bag of cornflower from the kitchen before handing back in time. Go to the toilet and read the graffiti, then to the shades and Sally’s house at the end. Ask Sally about her special, give her flour, egg and coconut and she’ll make you custard. You’ll also come out with her bloomers and proud that you’ve made yourself a man. Back to the present now and give the bloomers to the Street Urchin as proof that you’ve made yourself a man and you’ll learn the secret handshake. Then go into the Psychiatrists and speak to the girl, she’ll give you a note to give to her beloved, so head over to the street and give the note to the Barber.

Now go to the shades and do the handshake on the Mason to get his golden trowel. Then head to the hovel and use the ladder with the bra to get over to where the thief is sleeping. Try to take his key and then use the feather to tickle his feet, now you can take the key.

Next go to the square and purchase a donut from Dibbler, then head down the side alley and give the donut to the dunnyman. This will damage his teeth and you’ll find him at the Barbers, use the apparatus and you can extract his gold tooth.

Right now go to the past and to the Broken Drum, talk to the quiet guy and then look at the picture behind him, the guy will turn to look too and at this point turn his glass over. A fight will ensue and once you’re back outside use your ladder to take one of the drumsticks off the drum. Now head back to the present and into the dining room, use your drumstick on the gong and then go outside and collect the prunes. Then go round to the back of the university and pick up one of the garbage cans.

Go to the city gate and take the fireworks and keg of gunpowder from the crate, head outside to the Dark Wood and Nanny Og’s house, fill your pot with custard from her cauldron and then go to the fishmonger’s. Tie up the octopus with your string and put it down the toilet, followed by a healthy dollop of custard. Then add prunes to the fisherman’s caviar, he’ll have to rush to the toilet and you can now remove his belt.

And finally go to the Inn and take the bubble bath in the bathroom and head over to the Palace, show the guards the other picture and go inside. Put the garbage bin over the fool, follow him into the bathroom and add the bubble bath to his bath. You can then sneak past and take his hat.

Now off to the Alleyway, put the doll of the Toymaker into Rincewind’s pocket and step on the paving slab, to be catapulted onto the roof. Then stuff the toy down the chimney, this will create lots of smoke in the alchemists’ house. Go down to the house, add the key of gunpowder into the fireplace, attach the string to it and then head outside and light the fuse coming out of the drainpipe with your matches.

Now over to the barn and give all the items to the dragon, have a quick chat with him and then head over to the square. Talk to Nanny Og, purchase her carpet and when she wants a kiss steal her custard book. Now head back in time to the library, swop the book covers and watch the thief steal the wrong one.


Head over to the Square, talk to Dibbler and purchase one of his weight loss miracle treatments and double click on the bag to find some leeches. Then pick up an egg from the stall, collect the snake from the floor and take another egg. Then over to the street and into the barber’s, take the appointment book and then along to the toy shop and collect another toy.

First over to the university, take the spatula from the kitchen and the Arch Chancellors hat from his desk and talk to the wizards. Then to the shades, use the spatula on the mural and you’ll get some soot. Next use the ladder again to get into the hovel, look in the bag and take the knife, then up to hill and chat to Big Sally. You should now have a few suggestions as to what makes a hero… so over to Nobby and play his little math game. You’ll need a magic talisman, a spell, a sword, some camel-flage, a moustache and a birth mark.

Now back to the square talk to the Old Timers about the Magic Talisman and then go into the Psychiatrists and wait in line, talk to the milkmaid and then use you appointment book to get her ottograph, after that you’ll go upstairs and audition. Now over to the Hideout and knock on the door, you will be given a custard tart.

Now over to the Broken Drum and look at the Cactus Juice behind the bar, ask the bartender for a drink and then collect the worm afterwards, then talk to Braggart about the Temple of Offler. Now over to the alley, talk to the Alchemist about everything and he will leave you can then take the camera box. Follow the Alchemist by going to the Livery Stables and read the bumper sticker on the cart, then go to the new area on the map “Lady Ramkin’s Dragon Sanctuary”. Go up to the house and knock on the door, when she opens it head round the left side of the house and collect the Rosette, nail and the leash before she gets round there.

Head over to the palace and use the leeches on the guards so you can get past. Talk to everyone and then go into the bathroom and take the brush from the bath, then head right past the smoke machine and into the dungeons. Attach your new worm to some more string and use it on the hole to catch the rat. Double click on him and you’ll find the imp, pop him into the camera and continue along to the right. Take a bone from the skeleton and talk to everyone there before heading back upstairs.

Now over to Nanny Og’s house in the dark wood, take a look at all the bottles of potion behind her and then chat to her about the lie detector potion. She’ll want a kiss in exchange so eat some of the custard tart and then give her a big snog, you can then take the lie detector potion. Follow the wool to find Nanny Og’s sheep outside, award the sheep with the rosette and then take a nice picture of it. Mix the photo with the picture of the octopus, collect the mallet and leave.

Another trip to the Broken Drum, bash the nail into the beam with your mallet and then hang your new photo up for everyone to see. Talk to Braggart and mix the truth potion with his beer, the temple of Offler will now be on the map so head over there. You’ll meet the monk on the bridge, just use the carpet with the bridge to unseat him and head inside. Pick up the bandana from the hat stand, attach the leash to the luggage and put on the bandana. Once at the Eye, fill your pouch with sand and swap them.

Now to the woods, chat to the barber at the wishing well, crank it up and fill your pot with water from the bucket. Use your screwdriver on the crank to remove it andNow add some soap to the water in the bathroom at the Inn and then use the water with the brush. Over to the Livery Stable, clean the other number plate on the cart and take a closer look. A quick visit to the Alleyway now, and up on to the roof (put the knife in Rincewind’s inventory). Use the knife on the ladder, head down and then tell the Assassin that the number of the donkey cart is “sore ass”. Then over to the Barbers to take the scissors and then along to the Toy Shop where you can put some glue on the bone. Then onto the square, you’ll find the donkey here and can use the scissors to cut off its tail.

Now up to the Inn and head right past the tree, speak to the Sailor and then give the dog your new gluey bone before speaking to the Sailor again. Then over to the barman to order a glass of milk, after he drinks it talk to him again. He’ll hand over his whistle and ask you to find Polly – probably his parrot!! Revisit the university and mix your starch and fertilizer with the snake, before swapping it with Windlepoon’s staff again. Add the staff to the butterfly net to extend its’ reach. While at the university take a trip to the library and down on a shelf past where the sleazy guy is normally standing you’ll find a magic book.

Right off to the Edge of the World, put the Arch Chancellors hat on the fork and use the whistle to find Polly. Now light one of the fireworks and throw it at Polly, then use the butterfly net to fish the parrot out of the water. Use the chain of handkerchiefs to climb down the side of the world, collect the glint on the right hands side, turns out its your whistle. Now return to the sailor and present him with Polly and his whistle. He’ll tell you to go to the Barber’s shop to get your tattoo.

So go and give the Barber the appointment book (he’s by the wishing well in the woods) and he’ll dash back to the shop. Follow him there, speak to him about tattoos and he’ll suggest you see the Street Urchin for a free transfer one. Go to the square and speak to him, he won’t let you have his transfer, so head down the alleyway (the one beside the egg stall) and use you knife on the rubber belt of the custard making machine, put this in Rincewind’s inventory and climb to the top of the tower. Once there attach the rubber belt to the tip of the Flagpole, you’ll get the transfer.

Now back down to the dungeons, where you need to use your crank with chuckie’s rack, you’ll discover chuckie’s been hiding a nice looking sword and he’ll suggest you take it to a dwarf to improve it, so head over to the city gate to speak to Carrot about it. He’ll tell you to go to the mines, so go outside and into the mine entrance. Follow the path and speak to the dwarf in blue, Rincewind will stupidly suggest that he ought to perform a quest before they tune his sword so, head back to the Broken Drum and ask the bartender about elderberry wine. He’ll say he can’t go into the cellar because of foxes so try the Inn instead.

At the Inn, open the door and look at it closely, talk to the door about everything and then use the screwdriver on the bogeyman. He can now walk about behind his door in comfort and will go and scare the foxes away for you. You can now go back to Broken Drum and down into the cellar. Check out the barrels and find the elderberry wine, then fill your tankard (ensuring you place it safely in Rincewind’s inventory) and go back to the mine and give the wine to the dwarf, followed by the sword.

Act IV

Take the key from Lady Ramkin and go to her house, use the key to unlock the dragons and pick up Mambo at the end of the cave. Then go back to the square. Mix the fireworks with the dragon and then throw the custard tart at the dragon.


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