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PC - Sam N' Max: Hit The Road Cheats


Pick up the large cup on the sidewalk and then go into Snuckey’s and purchase the Pecan Candy and speak to the Snuckey’s assistant about everything, Max will ask to go to the toilet and the assistant will give you the key. Finish talking to the assistant and go outside, go to use the car before Max comes back from the toilet and you can tell him you think you should keep the rasp.

The Carnival

Show your letter to Flambe the Firebreather and then go inside the tent and talk to the Kushman brothers. After you’ve talked to them about everything you’ll receive an all day pass for the carnival. Pick up the Bigfoot hair on the ground and Jesse James’ Hand in the jar to the left.

Head out the side door and past Trixie’s trailer, play the whack-a-rat game. You’ll need to hit twenty rats to win a torch and then you should take the lens from behind the whack-a-rat game. Speak to the guy operating the Cone of Tragedy, take the ride and then check your box. You’ll have lost all your stuff. Talk to the guy again about the fact that you’ve lost your stuff and he’ll give you a lost and found ticket. Take the ticket to the Lost and Found which is to right of Flambe at the front of the carnival, after a short conversation in the tent you’ll get all your gear back plus a magnet for the world of fish.

Now go to the far left and attach your black light to the torch, before going on the Tunnel of Love ride. Use the torch on the third space between the displays and you’ll discover a switch panel. Use Max with the panel to stop the ride and then pull King Henry’s chin and you will open the secret door. Head inside and talk to Doug the Mole Man. Give him the Pecan Candy and he’ll give you a key to Trixie’s trailer and tell you about how Bruno escaped. Pull the lever by the door to leave.

Head over to Trixie’s trailer and use your new key to open the door, open the wardrobe and take the golf scoring card and then open the blue box and take the stilt walker’s outfit.


Ask the shop assistant to open the jar containing Jesse James’ Hand.

World of Fish

Go to pick up the bucket of fish by the well and you’ll hear a helicopter coming; it will fly in and take the fish that the fisherman keeps catching. Speak to the fisherman and he will tell you that it goes to the Ball of Twin Restaurant.

Golf Emporium

Speak to the man at the entrance and take his broken Golf Ball Retriever out of the basket. GO down the path and you’ll meet Conroy Bumpus and his goon, after a short heated discussion and a fight, you’ll find Max thrown into the Dunk the Beast exhibit and you’ll need to retrieve him. Basically this is a bit trial and error. You need to pick up the golf balls and put the bucket of fish down instead, then pick up the golf club and hit the fish into the water. The crocodiles will move according to where you hit the fish and you need to line them up in the middle so that you can make a walkway across to Max.

Once you have done this open the glass door to let Max out, he will give you some more Bigfoot hair and in the process another door will spring open. Look inside and take the empty sno-globe from the shelf before heading back to the car.

Ball of Twine Restaurant

Head down to the Museum and speak to the curator about everything, you’ll notice the fish flying past the window. Leave and take the car to the restaurant, speak to the man bending his tools and he’ll bend a spanner for you. Attach the lens and the wires to the binoculars so that you can control the restaurant.

World of Fish

Use the bent spanner with the large fish by the fisherman, jump into the fish and tell Max to get in too. You’ll be flown over to the restaurant you then need to use Max with the end of the twine.

Mystery Vortex

Go through the curtain at the right of the Mystery Vortex and speak to the shop assistant and pick up the Bigfoot hair, head back out and go through the mirror and flick the magnets to different combinations, to open the different doors. You’ll find Shuv-Oohl behind one of these doors. Door colours and the door Shuv-Oohl is behind vary from game to game.

The magnet combinations are as follows (magnets colours are along the top and door colours are down the left):


Speak to Shuv-Oohl and he will want his ring, which he lost whilst building the Ball of Twine.

Ball of Twine

Head into the Museum and attach Jesse James’ hand to the Golf Ball Retriever and then add the fridge magnet before using this with the Ball of Twine, this will pull the ring out.

Mystery Vortex

Go back into Shuv-Oohl’s room and hand him the ring, he will tell you about Frog Rock.

Ball of Twine

Go up to the restaurant and use the binoculars to look for Frog Rock, you can do this by using the left and right mouse buttons to turn the restaurant. Stop the binoculars on the rock and you will receive a new place on the map.

Frog Rock

Place the three Bigfoot hair samples on the rock and then add the mystic moleman powder.


Head inside and to the far right into Conroy’s bedroom, climb up onto the bed, take Conroy’s pillow and then use the Golf Ball Retriever to get the book off the shelf. Read the droid operating manual and then find the droid. Open the droid and plug the blue plug in and unplug all the other plugs. The droid will then head into the far right exhibit and set off the alarm.

Conroy’s goon will rush in and you should then go into the room to the left of Conroy’s bedroom. Put on the VR helmet and enter the machine, you will need to pick up the sword, walk forward towards the cave and then use the sword on the dragon to kill him before he eats you. You can then take the dragons heart which contains a key.

Take the key to the far right room, where you will watch Conroy perform and find Trixie and Bruno. After he has finished, you can free them by using you new key with the alarm system on the right wall. Once they have gone, head back out and collect the painting of John Muir on the wall just outside the room and then go back to the car.

The Jungle Inn

Speak to Evelyn Morrison and she will give you some postcards, look at the postcards and you will get new places.

Celebrity Vegetable Museum

Head to the right and pick up the vegetable shaped like Conroy’s head, then speak to the lady and show her the painting of John Muir, she will agree to grow you a vegetable look-a-like.

Dinosaur Tarpit and Bungee Jumping National Park

First go to the right and use Max on the woolly mammal, this will give you Bigfoot fur. Then make the T-Rex speak and tie your rope over its front tooth, use Max on the tooth. Then head to the Bungee jumping and go up in the lift. Speak to the woman overseeing the jumping and she will tell you to put the suit on behind the screen. Attach the cup to the Golf Ball Retriever and then jump; use this to collect the tar at the bottom.


Go to Conroy’s bedroom and replace the wig with the look-a-like vegetable, the goon will chuck you out but you get to keep the wig.

The Jungle Inn

Attach the fur to the stilt walker suit with the tar and then add Conroy’s wig for good measure. Give the Bigfoot guarding the entrance the rasp for his sore feet, change into the suit and he’ll let you into the party.

Once inside take the bottle of wine off the table, and speak to all the Bigfoot’s there about everything. Go through the door on the right hand side of the stage, pick up the ice pick and then try to leave. Conroy will appear and try to capture you, use you Bigfoot Costume in the inventory to reveal your true self. Once they’re in the freezer use Max to shut the door, the Bigfoot Chief will come in and make you an honorary Bigfoot member and give you access to the whole party.

After you’ll end up out by the pool with the Totem Poles and Bruno, after a nice chat, head back to the car.

Ball of Twine

Go up to the restaurant and ask the man to bend your ice pick. Use the ice pick to open the bottle of wine and once opened you can use the cork with the sno-globe.

Mystery Vortex

Head into the back and ask the lady if you can have a go in the mini vortex, use the sno-globe on the mini vortex and you can take a little piece of it away with you.

Celebrity Vegetable Museum

The lady will give you, your new John Muir style vegetable.

The Jungle Inn

Head back outside to where Bruno is and follow the path round (by clicking on the right hand side) to the hot tub and speak to the chief, you can then give him the sno-globe, the pillow, John Muir vegetable and the T-Rex’s tooth. This will then begin the end sequence.

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