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Playstation 2 / PS2 - Mercenaries Cheats

PDA Factions Codes - Enter the following codes in PDA FACTIONS mode (in some cases codes may not work unless the correct amount of national treasure or blueprints have been discovered):

Han Solo Skin(LEFT x2) (RIGHT x2) UP DOWN (UP x2)
Bufford Skin(LEFT x2) (RIGHT x2) UP (DOWN x2) DOWN
Infinite Health(UP DOWN x2) (LEFT RIGHT x2)
All Items In Merchant Of Menance Shop(DOWN x2) (DOWN x2) UP LEFT (RIGHT x2)
Allied Pilot(LEFT x2) (RIGHT x2) (UP DOWN x2)
SK Elite(LEFT x2) (RIGHT x2) (DOWN x2) UP DOWN
Play as a Hearts Card(LEFT x2) (RIGHT x2) UP (DOWN x2) UP
Play as Deck of 52 member(LEFT x2) (RIGHT x2) DOWN (UP x2) DOWN
Unlock all costumes(RIGHT x2) (LEFT x2) (UP x2) (DOWN x2) (UP RIGHT LEFT DOWN DOWN x2) (UP x2) (LEFT x2) (RIGHT x2)
Reset all factions to neutral(UP x4) (DOWN x2) RIGHT LEFT
Play as mafia heavy(LEFT x2) (RIGHT x2) (DOWN UP x2)
Ace of Diamonds(LEFT x2) (RIGHT x2) (DOWN x2) (UP x2)
Prisoner(LEFT x2) (RIGHT x2) (DOWN x2) (DOWN x2)
Play as Doctor(LEFT x2) (RIGHT x2) DOWN UP (DOWN x2)
NK Elite(LEFT x2) (RIGHT x2) (DOWN x2) DOWN UP
Play as Indiana Jones(LEFT x2) (RIGHT x2) (UP x2) (DOWN x2)
Play as Peng(LEFT x2) (RIGHT x2) UP (DOWN x2) LEFT
Play as Josef(LEFT x2) (RIGHT x2) DOWN (UP x3)
Play as Colonol Garret(LEFT x2) (RIGHT x2) UP (DOWN x2) RIGHT

National Treasure Awards - Unlock the following by collecting the treasure:

1Chinese Delivery Scout
5H3 Delivery
10Chinese Fuel Truck Delivery
1550,000 Cash
20Cheat - Play as Indiana Jones (PS2) or Han Solo (XBOX)
30Cheat - Play as Civilian Doctor
40Cheat - Play as Civilian Prisoner
50Cheat - Play as Ace of Diamonds
60Cash - 100,000
70Cash - 100,000
80Cash - 250,000
90Cash - 250,000
100Cash - 500,000
110Cheat - Play as Sku Elite Soldier

Blueprint Awards - Unlock the following by collecting the blueprints:

1All C4 Crate Drop
5Sniper Rifle Drop
10Stringer Supply Drop
15Anti Tank Supply Drop
20Cheat - Play as Mafia Heavy Soldier
30Cheat - Play as NK Elite Soldier
40Prototype Supply Drop
50Cheat - Play As NK Number Card (Spades)
60Cash - 100,000
70Cash - 100,000
80Cash - 250,000
90Cash - 250,000
100Cash - 500,000
110Cheat - Play as Han Solo

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