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Playstation 2 / PS2 - Tekken Tag Tournament Cheats

Characters In Arcade Mode

Complete Arcade Mode the following number of times to unlock each of the characters

1. - Kunimitsu
2. - Bruce Irvin
3. - Jack-2
4. - Lee Chaolan
5. - Wang Jinrey
6. - Roger & Alex
7. - Kuma & Panda
8. - Kazuya Mishima
9. - Ogre
10. - True Ogre
11. - Prototype Jack
12. - Mokujin & Tetsujin
13. - Devil & Angel
14. - Unknown

Hidden Characters

Fight as Alex: On the Character Selection Screen highlight Roger and press CROSS

Fight as Angel: Unlock Devil in Arcade Mode and then on the Character Selection Screen highlight Devil and press START

Fight as Devil Jin: Have Jin and Heihachi as partners, choose to play as Jin and press LEFT RIGHT SQUARE TRIANGLE TRIANGLE CROSS

Fight as Gold Tetsujin: In Versus Mode win ten matches

Fight as Heihachi: In Normal setting complete Arcade Mode without losing a round and do it in under five minutes and thirty seconds.

Fight as Tiger: On the Character Selection Screen highlight Eddy and press START.

Fight as Tetsujin: In Arcade Mode and scroll to the end of the Characters List. In the bottom left hand corner you will find Wang, press LEFT and you will reveal these extra characters.

Extra Modes

Access Gallery Mode: Unlock Devil and Angel by completing Arcade Mode 13 times.

Access Tekken Bowl Mode: Unlock Ogre by completing Arcade Mode 9 times.

Access Theatre Mode: Complete Arcade Mode with any difficulty once.

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